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Tuesday 16 February 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong Village on Tuesday February 16, 2021 from 1330 to 1500

God's promise to be with us whenever we work with Him to share the Gospel to People of All Nations really has been honoured time and again. Today it was all raining everywhere from my home and enroute on the Pacific freeway along all the way to Toowong. But Once we arrived at Toowong and finished our commissioning opening prayer, God stop the rain for us and turn around the weather status to a bright blue sunny sky. We even had to hide behind the shade of the Bus stop during short interval with people all gone on to the bus.

As normal there were rejections or initial reluctance from many of our gospel target, but The Holy Spirit would keep urging us to make a second attempt with success. So in overall, the success rate for a chat to share the gospel was quite high. All the three of us were almost fully occupied non-stop at the bus stop where Johnny finally decided to join Hung and Winnie there to be a fisherman of men. All glory and praises be to God alone.

Recap below were my divine encounters: -

1) Matt an angry fallen back Christian of Catholic background. He recognized my fish sign T shirt but rejected the tract and declined to chat. But I did not give up keep chatting as a friend to uncover the cause of his rejection of the faith possibly because of bad experience with church and clergy. Pray for God's healing and restoration of faith in His time.

2) Jerry from 昆明 China declared himself a Christian attending Citipointe Christian School after a short time of sharing the Gospel. The bus came too fast that I did not have time to check for assurance of salvation.

3) Mitis is an UQ student from Sadi Arabia with family of wife and a baby. He politely listen to my sharing of the Gospel and admitted that we are all sinners but he did not agree that we need to be punished suffering in Hell as there is forgiveness from God. I clarified that forgiveness without upholding the judgment and punishment is not fair and righteous. The only different of God's mercy way is to let a perfect God incarnated as a perfect man to take our place for punishment that our sin is pardon by the atonement of Jesus sacrificial death on the cross. Pray that this new enlightenment will draw Mitis and family closer to the faith of salvation by grace of Jesus.

4) Dominic and his friend initially did not want to chat and claimed that there is not heaven and hell as well as God. I used the analogy of the building that it must have a builder though we did not see the process it was built. His attitude was softened and took a tract to read when our conversation and to stop because of the arriving bus.

5) George and Alanna were a local Aussie couple doing study at UQ. They showed courtesy to let me share the gospel but appeared only listening to it half heartedly. Nevertheless, they also could not find reason to reject the Gospel so pray for God's follow up work.

6) An old Indian lady appeared very suborn to reject the message. I nevertheless keep the chat to go on in a friendly way.

7) Fatima an Aussie girl of Indian origin. She was receptive to the gospel and I gave her the power to change card for contact.

8) Rejected by an Asian looking lady of fair skin though I still managed to share with her the nutshell of the gospel.

9) Another Malaysian girl got the tract though showing no initial interest. Instead I shared with her my testimony of salvation.

10) Cindy an UQ student from Columbia who not only listened to my gospel but kept asking thoughtful question. I nevertheless still focused on sharing the nutshell of the Gospel to her before the conversation was cut by the arriving bus.

11) A group of three African girls got off from the bus. One was caught up remaining on the bus. I made us of this gap to quickly give away a tract and quick words of the gospel to the 2 girls waiting for their friends to leave the bus.


Battle Log of Johnny:

Thanks God let us have chance to preaching gospel at Toowong

Bus station , may God bless who heard gospel ,repent and trust Jesus Christ. 下午在 Toowong 的福音事工有許多人聽到了福音,有印度、新加坡、印尼、澳洲本地、中國等昆大的學生,祈求上帝拯救他們。


Battle Log of Winnie:

感謝主!在駕車上 Toowong 傳福音途中,非常大雨,我便禱告 求神 给我們平安底達,順利將神的愛傳揚。感恩今天有12人聽到福音。

第一位,中國少女 Perry,聽完整福音,明白主的爱,願意细心想想。


第三位中國年青人,Lee,問及天主教及基督教的問题。為何基督教那麽多不同的教會。我與他詳談直到巴士到來。我對他説,天主教要經過神父 才能對神認罪悔改,馬利亞也當作神。但基督教是三位一體的神,聖父,聖子,聖靈。認罪悔改 直着禱告可以與神構通,罪得赦免。

第四位 中國 UQ 學生,Willy, 聽完福音,會想想。


第六位 Loren, 澳洲少女,會细心想想信仰問题。

第七位,Jimmy, 中國青年,不接受耶穌基督,後來 Johnny 來到,再次與他傾談。

第八位,中國青年 Sunny, 明白主耶穌的救恩,會想清楚。

第九位是澳洲女士,彈着结它,自弹自唱。我给她單張,及講述福音,她説她不會信主。她説如果神愛世人,為何讓 這麽多人反罪。我解释给她,神给我們生活自由,信仰自由,如果我們信靠祂,我們的罪 便得赦免。主的靈會住在我們心裏,會提醒我們什麽是對與錯。

第10,及11 位是一起的中國年青人,Mary & Brain. 聽完福音後,會想想信仰問題,將來會到那裏。

第12 位是澳洲男士,當我講完福音,巴士到達。當我們準備離開,有對年青人到達,坐着等巴士。因为時間到了,不足夠時間再傳福音。唯有给他們單張,讓他們知道神的愛,神的偉大。

感謝讚美主 今天的带领,願神 賜福给今天聽到福音人仕,認罪悔改,打開心門,接受耶穌基督為救世主。阿們!

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