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Tuesday 1 June 2021

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday June 1st, 2021 from 1330 to 1500

Praise and thanks God calling and raising up a new street Gospel team member Hai Yue to join us the three regular team mates, Johnny, Winnie and Hung. Hai Yue is a current 5th Online Kairos student. But God has touched and moved her enough to give it a go joining us today during her rest day of her scheduled job rooster duty as an Intern doctor at the Royal Brisbane Hospital.

I gave her very limited 15 minutes briefing / demonstration how to share the nutshell of the gospel before we prayed and set off with the other two team mates. In flesh, she still felt lacking of confidence even though her English is good enough to conduct casual chat. All I can advice her is to let go of all your fear and burden but trusted in God alone to guide you to make the first approach. Ask God to guide you to open your mouth for the first word then the Spirit will be with you all the way to guide you to organize your speech.

Miracle did have happened and she could quickly found the strength and spiritual courage from God to make her first approach after watching as an observer just for one person.

So I basically gave all the chance to both Hai Yue and Winnie with Johnny and Hung taking care of the rest when more people had come to the bus stop. In between of chat/ arrival & departure of bus, Johnny and I held very short debriefing with Hai Yue answering her queries how to address a certain issue if it happens again. As a result, Johnny and I got less time for our own outreach. It of course was a worthwhile exercise to help Hai Yue to get integrated into the street evangelism which aftercall is the work of God taking charge of all situations.

Hai Yue was able to catch the urge of the Spirit to make approach at the right time. One example was with my first conversation with a Chinese couple from Tasmania migrating to Qld for a better living climate. The wife was more receptive and a willing gospel listener but the husband seemed to be not paying attention or even unconsciously interrupting our conversation. At the very moment, Hai Yue suddenly turned up to join our conversation. My reaction in flesh was: go away, find someone else, I äm managing to share with this couples. But the Spirit immediately corrected me to see that the husband was attracted to chat with Hai Yue without further interrupting my conversation with Lily the wife who appeared very attentive and interested in what I shared. So this is that sort of things that keep enabling us to see how God makes all thing work together for he goodness sake of those who loved God and being called to serve Him.

I pray that this divine encounter experience for Hai Yue’s debut Street Evangelism ministry will help her to apply it on to the other parts of her life including the profession as an Intern doctor. She can try to let go of all her fear and worry but enjoy the promise of God to be presence with us whenever we do everything for glorifying Him.

Because of irregular rooster duty job scheduling. Hai Yue may not be able to join us every week on Tuesday at Toowong or Wednesday at Sunnybank. But I am quite confidence that this first divine experience will attract her to come again whenever she gets a rest day on either Tuesday or Wednesday.

Recap below are the Battle Log of both Hung and Winnie: -

(1) A Chinese Couples from Shangdong, Yin Tai山東煙台are new interstate migrant from Tasmania. I approached both of them for a chat. The wife Lily was more receptive and willing to engage in two-way communication. The husband was however not paying real attention but kept doing something else such as making phone call trying to interrupt the conversation. Yet God suddenly took action to move Hai Yue to join our conversation. As mentioned, my initial reaction in flesh was trying to tell Hai Yue to leave us alone, but the strong sense of the Holy Spirit told me otherwise to let Hai Yue keep talking to the husband so I could concentrate sharing the full gospel to the wife Lily. Thing did develop along this line and Lily appeared very touched and willing to seek God by going to church. They live actually In St Lucia so CCCB is the natural choice I recommended to her and hopefully her husband will follow suit. Praise for the almighty work of God allowing us to team up with Him to do His Will.

(2) Vistella is a girl whose name is of Canadian origin and means "Life of star". She was very welcoming for my approach and gladly accepted the tract. When I knew I only have 1 minute to share, I quickly utter to her the very brief nutshell of the gospel emphasizing that we are all imperfect though good person that have sinned against God and each other’s. We all need a saviour who himself is prefect person as such He can take our place to receive the punishment of sin due on us. Pray that this short but divine encounter still will be pursuit by god for bearing spiritual fruit in His time.

(3) Then I bugged in to chat with a Couple from Quanzhou廣州. The wife was listening to Hai Yue but the husband was keeping a distance not paying attention. So I was playing a reverse supportive role to catch the attention of the indifferent husband or boyfriend to get a taste of the word of God’s good news.

(4) An UQ student from Sudan , Africa with an indigenous name of Allor politely told me he had got a tract entitled “What is Next” from one of us which should be Johnny as I so far seldom hand out this new tract. I asked him anyway how did he find the tract and if he understood the message. He said he is a religious person believing in God but has not time to fulfil the religious ceremonial obligation, meaning he is not a church goer and seldom read Bible. With is information, it warranted me to share the gospel all over to him again. He was very polite and willing to chat but our further conversation was interrupted by a phone call then the bus came. We bid farewell and both looking forwards for another encounter in the near future to continue with our unfinished story about God and His salvation.

感謝 神的带领,讓我今天遇到八人傳福音的機會。

第一位 澳洲人,他説是基督徒,但經過我查問他,他不能回答,不願傳福音给其他人,也不願意聽我講,我只好講簡單的福音给他。


第三位 是中國來的女學生,因為她不太明白英語,我便用不流利的普通话及英语傳福音给她。




第七位 Mary 印尼來的穆斯林。她很專心聽我講耶穌基督的福音,三一神的大能,及我的見証。

第八位是澳洲少女,Emmy, 她很留心聽我講的福音及見証,願意信靠主,找教會,尋求更多真理。

感謝主。 願主帶領今天聽到福音的人士,回轉歸向 神。阿們!感謝讚美主!

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