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Wednesday 9 June 2021

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With our online outreach, we are able to easily keep track of many details of the conversations we have with people.

For a start, we know where in the world they are from (with some exceptions).  But after every conversation we can record extra information.

Firstly, we can record the progress of the chat: no progress, during God’s existence, during law, during false ways (working through the ways that won’t get us to heaven), during gospel, during checking questions, complete - not professing faith, complete - professing faith, already a believer.

Then we can capture their name, and leave a comment about the conversation.

This is very helpful in a few ways:

So, for yesterday and today, I spent all my outreach time online with the team.

For yesterday I can see that I had a total of fourteen conversations, it was a harder day, where I didn’t get to share the gospel as often - only six of those conversation was I able to completely share the gospel, and only once was I able to have a complete conversation (including the checking questions)! :O

But, that conversation was marvelous.  It was with a devout Muslim guy.  Initially he was quite resistant as I worked through the logic of the gospel presentation and various analogies.  But by the end of the conversation he had really opened up, dropping all defences and just wanting to understand my worldview, asking many questions.  At one point he said the battery in his phone was about to run out, but he took the effort to go get the charger so he could continue the chat.  He didn’t want to leave, and in the end, I felt like I’d exhausted all the lines of reasoning and needed to get to dinner with my family anyway.  He made it clear multiple times he wouldn’t be changing away from Islam to Christianity.  But the gospel is the power of God for salvation!  He has my contact details if he does decide to continue the conversation.  Pray for Yousef.

Today I had a total of eight conversations.  But Ryan must have been praying for me, because I was able to deliver the gospel in a greater percentage of those conversations compared to yesterday.  I had three complete conversations, one ended during the checking questions stage (he got the first one right), and three during the gospel sharing stage.  The other one I marked as no progress - the language barrier was too great (we used Google Translate for a while) - but they did receive a link to

The stand out conversation of the day was with a couple of late teen girls from Ecuador.  One of them did the talking while the other mainly listened.  She had a Catholic background, but believed deeply in reincarnation and karma.  I had to really labour against the concept of works for “salvation” with her.  Finally I had a breakthrough, and I think the gospel really started to sink in.  To end the conversation I asked if there were any questions.  To my surprise, the other girl chimed in and took over the conversation from their side.  She had a couple of very important questions.  (So, bad people could get to heaven? And, what about those that don’t hear about Jesus?)  The answers to these questions (esp. the first one) seemed to clear up her misunderstanding of the gospel.

Not only are we having many one to one conversations with people online, but we are streaming on YouTube and Facebook, with many regular followers who gather in the chat and also in Discord.  One to one training in evangelism is occurring.  Short videos are being posted on TikTok and other social media platforms that gather many views.  And finally team members are often dedicated just to responding to private messages on Instagram and TikTok.  It’s all very encouraging.  And all these people are being pointed to the Bible and local churches.  All glory to God.  Please pray for the ministry and all the hard working evangelists trying to serve the Lord and others in this way - so vital, thank you so much.

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Online Evangelism

Online Evangelism

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