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Sunday 28 September 2008

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This Saturday I was joined by Mekial and Dawn for outreach in Sheffield. It was unseasonably clear and warm this afternoon and so we had large crowds in Sheffield.

We began the day by handing out tracts in Fargate while I looked for a suitable place to preach from. While we were handing out tracts I noticed that Mekial is quite adept at starting conversations. His background in sales has made him very able to speak to people, I was overjoyed to see him using this skill to God's glory.

I set up to preach and the others gathered around to support me as I preached. Those of you who witness on the streets, never forget how this small thing can lend courage to those who open air preach. It is an intimidating business sometimes and I for one have many times been encouraged by the presence of other Christians when I've preached.

Today I began with the comparison between relativism in reality to what is reasonable. I spoke about Joe Blogs who believed that whatever truth he held was true for him literally. From this somewhat rediculous example I turned to the fact that there is moral as well as practical absolutes in this world. While speaking on this Mona, a polite muslim woman came to ask about what Christians believe. At this I tried my best to give a summary of what Christians believe and called her to look to Jesus Christ as her saviour, while she remained unconvinced she listened and took a tract towards the end of the discussion.

I finished preaching and packed up and the three of us headed around to the peace gardens to speak with people there.  Having gotten there we ran into a Christian hip hop band that was endevouring to talk with people there. Two of the young men I had spoken to in the past and given some literature to to encourage them. They are currently planning to do street outreach in the local townships around Sheffield. I encouraged them and we pray that they would glorify God in their work and that God would use them gloriously to the salvation of souls.

While Mekial and Dawn were hard at it witnessing to all sorts of people I ran into Amy and her friends who I've spoken to several times. I spoke at length again to Amy and showed her that it will be right for God to judge all sin and evil deeds. She seemed quite affected and I pleaded with her to look to the only saviour. We pray that God would save some of these precious young people, they are largely lost in sin and disapation.

At the end of the afternoon I spoke with Dawn to Ollie and tried to reason with him about the reality of God. The conversation went very well but we had to leave and things ended on an interesting point:

Ollie : What do you think man's purpose is then?

Me : To glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

Ollie : We don't do that though.

Me: Yes, that's why we need a saviour!

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