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Tuesday 17 August 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong on August 17th, 2021 from 1330 to 1500.

Praise and thanks God the full Toowong team composing of Johnny, Winnie and Hung were all available again together after the lifting of Lock down. We all had many opportunities of chatting though most of them were short and was just enough for a nutshell of the gospel and handing out a tract. Johnny had an exceptionally long chat with Ivan a local Aussie. He initially responded jokingly not taking it serious, but the work of the Holy Spirit gradually drove him to become a humble and keen learner with good interaction with Johnny. Pray that he will be led to make his step of faith in God’s best timing.

Battle Log of Hung:

1) A girl called Kayla from Norway, happy to chat but conversation cut short by the bus.

2) Ali and his girl friend were pleasant for a chat and took tract despite our conversation was cut short by the arriving bus.

3) Rejected by a man with little Chinese

4) Rejected by a another postmodern look Aussie girl

5) Alisa an Aussie UQ student was receptive to the gospel

6) Grace another Aussie girl who was opened for chat but being cut short by the arriving bus

7) A Korean and a Chinese Christian happy to chat but they disclosed their Christian faith too late as such no time to check their assurance of salvation possibly they are member s of Power To Change.

8 ) Abby a Christian girl from Congo yet only has 80% of Assurance of salvation. Clarified in time before the bus came.

9) Vietnamese man who was friendly for a chat

10) Akosua is an India who attended Catholic Christian school. So he is likely an Australian Born Indian. He is opened to chat and receptive gospel.

11) Gordon appeared friendly and shook hand to say good bye.

12) A Christian gypsy who appreciated our street ministry. He was busy in making call so can’t have time to check for his assurance of salivation which he vaguely indicated it could possibly be 100%

13) An elderly man with grey hair rejected Johnny but I was able to catch up with him identifying with his multilingual ability. Later He indicated he attends the Sherwood Methodist Church.

Battle Log Of Winnie :

感謝主的带领,今天在 Toowong 遇到十四人 傳福音的機會。

第一及第二位,分别是Alice & Amy,中國少女。Alice 是天主教背景的基督徒,明白救恩,相片中。願意接受我给她的福音單張,傳福音给其他朋友。然后,Amy, 講了一半福音,巴士到達。

第三及第四位,分别是Patrick, 中國青年,和Agnes, 中國少女。講完福音,巴士到達。

第五及第六位,John & Luke, 澳洲青年。願意信靠主,找教會。相片中。

第七及第八位,林太及兒子 Steven. 香港來的。當我傳福音给他們後,講述 神的大能。她説 Steven 準備升大學,讀什麽科目比较好,我對他們説,禱告 神,祂一定會為妳的兒子開路。现在正是信靠主的時候。他們説會想清楚這問题。巴士到達,不能再傾談下去。

第九位 Jose, 中國一青年。當我講完福音,他説願意悔改,信靠耶穌為救世主。他問我怎樣才可以信主。我説到教會,聽道理。明白自己真正的信仰,牧師便會為你洗禮。之后 你就是基督徒。我给他咭片 找 Kenneth, Power to Change.

第十位 Eli, 中國少女,初時不願意接受單張及聽福音,後來我说 神愛世上每一個人,妳是否知道明天會發生什麽事嗎?假如你染到 COVID 19, 妳會怎様?跟着 我傳福音给她。巴士到達,不能再講下去。

第十一位 Francis, 澳洲少女,講完福音,巴士到達。

第十二,十三及第十四位,分别是 Jessica, Sydney, 澳洲少女。Trent 澳洲青年。他們都願意信靠主。我给他們咭片,找 Kenneth, Power to Change.

願 神带领今天聽到福音人仕,找到教會,永遠信靠主,跟随主。阿們!感謝讚美主!

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