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Wednesday 25 August 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Sunnybank on 25/8/2021 Wednesday from 1300 to 1500.

We were glad to have Gary joining us as the regular Sunnybank team. He made and brought a new green Sign being set up on the East side where he used to take position to serve. Johnny and Hung took our position on the West side at the Bus stop. Sunnybank is always a mission field for Chinese mostly from mainland and some from Taiwan, there are also other Asian people like Vietnamese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean. But today I met consecutively many Cantonese from Hong Kong and a rare people group from Nepal.

The two UQ students were from Hong Kong and both have graduated looking for job. They have similar Christian background but both have slipped back from their original faith in God because of their focus was shifted on to other secure target like more time for Uni study and subsequent needs to look for job to earn more money for coming to further their study in Australia. It was a pity I did not have enough time after deeper catching up about their background to clarify with them the core Christian faith and where they have missed the point about God making the Christian faith a lower priority of their lives pursuance target.

Another significant conversation was with a girl who took our tract and had a chat with one of us. I followed up on the impact of the tract on her which unfortunately was only very trivial. I virtually went over the gospel once again and asking her to respond if she thought she is not only a good person but a perfect one that have no need to worry about God’s judgment after death. She of course could not make this assertion. So I hope I have heightened her self-awareness of her vulnerable sinful status that could only be turned around to be saved by grace through faith in Christ.

Apart from same culture evangelism, I also had chance to share gospel with people from Nepal, Vietnam. Both appeared very opened and receptive to the gospel leading them a step closer to the ultimate salvation faith.

Summarized are the 8 divine encounters:

1) A Chinese Couples 一對華語夫婦with the wife a very determined rejecter forbidding her husband to chat and take our tract. Gary made a second approach but still failed.

2) Wai 偉 the first UQ student met from Hong Kong香港,迷失基督徒, 求主保守He once was a fervent Christian but now become a lukewarm one.

3) Vincent the 2nd UQ student I met from Hong Kong. He has also slipped back from his initial faith in Christ.

4) An elderly woman from Hong Kong香港老太,

5) A girl from China we chatted before.女孩,收過單張,再講一次

6) A lady from Nepal

7) Mr So 蘇 from Taiwan surrounded by Christians but still has not yet committed to receive Christ. Johnny took over to chat with him in Taiwanese.

8 ) Crystal an Australian Born Vietnamese and her friend. Only she engaged in the gospel chat positively with genuine interest and appeared very receptive.

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