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Tuesday 5 October 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong on Tuesday October 5th, 2021 from 1330 to 1500

It was a very warm Spring afternoon with temperature scorching high to around 32C, just a bit lower than 37C yesterday. There were also only Johnny and Hung with Winnie absent for a medical appointment. It nevertheless did not hamper the work of God through us. Both of us had consecutive divine conversation that we hardly had chance to take photo for each other. For my battle log sake, all I could do is a quick shot before or after the conversation from the back. Today, many gospel targets claimed to be Christians but none of them has clear understanding of gospel and all have no assurance of salvation. Pray that the gospel message we shared to either non-believers or Christians will give them a boost in their journey of faith. Recap below are the highlight of the gospel conversation: -

1) Brodie a local Aussie claimed to be a Christian but has only 70% assurance.

2) A Filipino man rejected the gospel and tract.

3) Kyla and Mina are both Christians from PNG, but both have no idea at all about God’s salvation plan and whether they are qualified for Heaven.

4) Imagens claimed herself non-religious, but she cannot find any loophole in the gospel message but admit that it is all sensible and acceptable.

5) John, a QUT student yet lives in St Lucia. He is a country boy thus a typical good guy. Yet he has no idea about the gospel and I could only finish half way the core of the gospel message.

6) Peter another senior man who was reluctant to chat. But I still managed to give him a tract and briefed him the conclusion that even good persons need Jesus.

7) Alia an UQ student from Malaysia of Indian background. Yet she found the gospel sensible and attracting. She promised to read the tract and ponder seriously to accept Jesus as Saviour.

8 ) Kathy another UQ student from Singapore. She is yet another Christian who is not sure of her assurance salvation.

9) Wendy an UQ student from mainland China. She was exceptionally objective and open to chat and also reached the conclusion that Jesus is the only way for us sinners to be saved.

10) Ella a local Aussie UQ student is again a Christian but did expose her status after I finished the gospel. Yet she also had been diagnosed without assurance of salvation. I urged her to seek association with Power to Change to get her spiritual journey started for growth.

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