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Tuesday 9 November 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong on Tuesday November 9th, 2021 from 1330 to 1500.

With Winnie joining us again after a week of rest, Johnny decided to go back to the bus stop where more chances of gospel conversation are usually available. There were mixed responses but all of us still managed to get many divine appointments to share the gospel under scorching hot high noon sun. We had to learn to adapt to such tough condition to accept a higher rejection rate or showing more reluctance to chat but still patiently waited before the Spirit to guide us to pursue or not. It paid off to follow not our heart in flesh but God’s Will that many of the initial rejection cases were turned around with a chance to share the nutshell of the gospel. Recap below is my Battle Log.

1. Alicia a lady from HKG. She is in her year 3 at UQ, so she is not fleeing from HKG but a genuine student. She is a non-believer, so I just barely managed to share her the nutshell of the gospel at the last moment when the bus came. Her immediate reaction was encouraging, and she promised to read the tract in details.

2. Kabila is an UQ student from India. He is a fair dinkum Christian with 100% assurance of salvation. He looked on to see how we shared the gospel at the bus stop as he claimed he is also an evangelist in the UQ campus. His only short coming is not having yet an open heart with Kingdom view that we are both servants of God not in a competition status. My intention to clarify his assurance of salvation is justified as 95 % of the Christian have no assurance of salvation.

3. Jacquavius, a local Aussie girl was a bit reluctant to chat, but God still softened her heart to finished listening to the full gospel.

4. Roland was a tall white local Aussie student. He was opened to chat and I could also just manage to share him the nutshell of the gospel.

5. Another local Aussie young man said he was not interested but God still urged me to show him this is an interesting and important issue. God finally still softened his heart to listen to the gospel and took a tract at the end.

6. Another overseas mature student dressed in formal suit with a hat was willing to take a tract and to chat even the bus had come.

7. Two Indian girls jokingly not to really want to hear the gospel but accept that they are not good enough persons and possibly will go to hell. It took absolute patience to drag them back to the gospel sharing and how Jesus atoning death to take our place to shoulder all the punishment of our sin.

Battle Log of Winnie Choi

9/11/21 Toowong.

感謝 神今天讓我遇到十二人傳福音及講解救恩的機會。

第一及第二位女仕,Patricia & Lisa, 來自印尼。我與 Patricia 講及三一神,她説明白基督信仰。Lisa 來到,她叫我再次講给 Lisa 聽,當我講完,巴士到逹。




第六位 中國UQ學生,Peter。講了一半福音,巴士到達。他説會在巴士閲讀單張。



第九位,Jeffry。中國留學生。他説已经收過两張單張。我問他願意悔改,接受耶穌基督為救世主嗎?他説還未決定。我從新講述福音及罪的問题给他,希望 神能感動他。

第十位,Lian。澳洲少女,天主教徒。我講及基督教與天主教分别。馬利亞不是 神。



願 神带领今天所有聽到福音人仕,悔改,回轉歸向 神。阿們!感謝讚美主!

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