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Tuesday 14 December 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong on Tuesday Dec 14, 2021 from 1330 to 1500

It was a scorching hot afternoon. The three of us assembled for opening prayers and take a group selfie with the Toowong Village Tower as background. Not sure if the Uni semester is over yet or not. But there was less people flow because of the extreme heat especially around the Bus stop area with all the radiant heat dissipated from the concrete cement ground making the bus stop as hot as the furnace. My iphone under the sun had got overheated only in 5 minutes time when I was chatting with Hishina that it became dormant until it was cooled down to normal level. Because of the heat, it was more difficult to get people to have patience to have any long chat under the high noon sun. Nevertheless, as a messenger of God, it was not up to us to choose the timing to do His work. And God grace is always sufficient for us to deliver our mission that God had planned for us in His strength. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung.

1. May and another girl took a tract from Johnny, but decline to chat. I anyway still felt urged to approach them but in a lighter way by greeting them “Happy Christmas” It triggered the question why Christmas greeting is always “Merry” but not happy. Such ice breaking question of course earned my way to explain and share the real ancient meaning of “Merry” from the oldest English Carol “God rest ye merry, Gentleman let nothing you dismay. Remember Christ our Saviour was born on Christmas day” So Merry bears the ancient English and biblical meaning of power – a power as a gift from God to deliver us from eternal death and to acquire true inner peace and rest in Christ. They were glad to learn this old meaning of Merry from me and then one of the girls May disclosed she is a Christian already. I checked for her assurance of salvation which is only 50%, then I showed her the cartoon with Jesus being crucified on the cross fencing off the hell of fire to spare our life, I asked her did it mean you only have 50% of trust in the work of Jesus dying for us all the sinners. Then she immediately came to her sense that she should have 100% certainty. I supplement the free fold deliverances as per 2 Cor 1:10 to make her understand, we are still far from perfect right now after becoming a Christian for so many years. But God has already promised to make us perfect again by the work of the Holy Spirit. May is from Solomon Island as such a Christian background Islander. She thanks for my chat with her.

2. Hishina, is the Bangladesh lady who accompanied her husband to do study at UQ. I ask on a accompanying visa, she should not be able to work but she is in her work uniform working in Toowong. She then explained she is already a resident because her husband has got a global talent title as such they are welcome to come to live, study and even stay her as a resident. She showed great appreciation and respect to our work to share the gospel to her and every stranger on the street. She missed me last week and was happy to see me again and she told me she will go to Sydney in January as her husband has got a part time job there. I on the hand congratulate her but meantime taking us of this new situation to appeal to her that Global talent title or recognition is good yet the heavenly citizen is even more precious in eternity. I also share about the amazing work of God using us the least one in Christ to help out a venerable family of three to apply for permanent stay in Australia. She was moved to see God’s glory in such ordinary thing. Pray that I can still meet her before she moves on to Sydney.

3. The I approached a big Christian guy whom Johnny had just had a chat. I simply asked him if he knew why Christmas greeting alone use the word “Merry” He of course had got no idea and was glad to know the answer.

4. The I approached too school girl of younger age by the name of Emily and Hannah. Using both Merry Christmas gig and the normal good person tract to share the gospel. Obviously. May was very fascinated and showed great interest but not Hannah. God will have His election and followed up work on these two lovely girls.

5. Then I talked to an Old English lady who was left alone after arrival of several buses. I used again the Merry Christmas gig and drawn her interest. She is a Christian but with no assurance of salvation. It was a pity her bus then turned up and took away my chance for further diagnosed questions.

6. My final target was a big Indian lady with Tattoo. She showed no interest to know anything about Jesus, not to mention the reason why Christmas alone is greeted with the word “merry”. All I can do is to remember her in prayer.

Battle log of Winnie


今天非常熱,31 度。街上很少人,大學生相信已经放假,去了遊玩。感謝主今天的帶领,讓我遇到六人傳福音的機會。


第二位,澳洲靑年,Grant 基督徒。解释救恩。



第五位,澳洲青年,Angus。很留心聽我講的每一句説话。相信 神已经動工,祂的話語臨到他心裏。可惜巴士到達,不能再講下去。



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