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Wednesday 15 December 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Sunnybank on Wednesday Dec 15, 2021 from 1300 to 1500

The Weather turned cooler today and we had Gary, Johnny and Hung teaming up for the regular street outreach. Andrew also came to day to hand out tract and we had good fellowship in Christ to support each other’s ministry. My gospel targets were predominantly Chinese/ Asia with only one African girl and a local Aussie, otherwise the rest were mainly Chinese with one Thai girl and two Vietnamese. I continue to use the Christmas theme of Jesu birth to become a perfect man to die for us in order to bring us real eternal inner peace with God and in Christ. This can best be represented by the oldest English carol – God rest ye merry, Gentleman or ladies. The word “merry” is an old English word meaning not just as happy but a kind of power from Christ that can bring us peace and real joy living a free life without any more fear.

Meantime, God also led Hung to have special encounter with a Kairos graduate with her boyfriend Richard Liu before the outreach and then meeting with Allan Li after the outreach . May God’s plan and Will be done.

Recap below was the Battle Log of Hung.

1. A Mask woman agreed with my sharing about the need to be free of fear.

2. A modern lady was too proud to even listen

3. A Vietnamese woman claimed to have difficult to communicate in either Chinese or English, but ended up still taking all the Tracts I offered and seemed to understand the core of the gospel message I shared in English.

4. Sia from Sierra Leone is a Christian with clear understanding of the gospel message and full assurance of salvation despite she is attending a Catholic Church. She chatted with Johnny previously, so she only greeted Johnny without any conversation. But I was moved to have a long chat with her to check on her status of faith which to my delight is good and accurate.

5. I had a brief chat with Vietnamese man as his bus came quite quick

6. Another Chinese lady with mask felt ok to have a long chat with me and seemingly receptive to the gospel and in same consensus that living without free is the reason we have peace, joy and hope which is represented by the word Merry in the olden form of English.

7. A Thai girl Fiona looks like a local Aussie who listened to my gospel message very attentively and appeared very receptive. So I was a bit surprised to find out she is a Thai girl form a Buddhism country.

8. Wayne is a very lowly living guys with a shirt having torn and broken by great area but fixed with many safety pins. His situation seemed even worse than many homeless people and he obvious is with mental health issues that normal people will avoid contacting him. I met him two weeks ago and he recognised me and remembered me assuring he is a good person but still needs God to make him clean and sinless. I took a full body photo to let you see he is a happy guy with Christ despite wearing the worse broken dress.

9. Chen a young man who was a very humble listener and took in the gospel message very well

10. Wayne the last young man I met was also very attentive and receptive to the gospel.

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