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Tuesday 7 June 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday May June 7th, 2022 from 1330 – 1500

Australia officially enters into Winter time on June 1st, yet the weather was still warm and not that cold. Yet today, suddenly it turned very chilling. So, the team of three Toowong Gospel team all had to put on more layers of clothing. In the colder weather, the hearts of many non-believers on the street also happened to turn harder. Nevertheless, amongst the many rejects, God grace was still sufficient to carry us through to get reasonable number of conversations. Recap below are the Battle log of Hung and Winnie: -

1) I was led to approach a young UQ student called Rita from Nigeria. I asked him if he knows the percentage of Christians in his country which he had no answer and deemed that Muslim is still the major religion. So, he possibly is a Muslim and his quick arriving bus did not allow me to even start sharing the gospel. However, I still managed to give Rita a tract and pray that it will still be used by God.

2 ) Georgia a local Aussie girl from Brisbane and said we had chatted before that I vaguely recalled. Thus, I turned to ask her the two diagnosis questions. To my comfort, she declared hundred % of assurance that she will go to heaven, but when asked why, she failed to name Jesus but rather all other religious good practice, like praying to the Lord, good bible studying. In a word, everything else apart from Christ. Thanks God I was given just enough time to clarify her concept which she was glad for what I did.

3) A South African Mixed with Namibia but migrated to NZ then came to study at UQ. He claimed to be a Christian and had chatted with me before. Yet he failed utterly the diagnosis test for assurance of salvation. It was good that he was humble and a willing learner so mis concept clarified just by the time the bus came. I could even manage to take a selfie with him in a rush.

4) After being rejected by two or more, I was led to approach a Chinese young couple who however behaved a bit skeptical to have a chat. Nevertheless, I still managed to get connected through the events in 2008 being the Beijing Olympic and Sichuan earthquake, then I was able to pass on the nutshell of the Gospel just in time before the bus came.

5) A standard Chinese face but claimed himself a Norwegian and English-speaking person. Just shared the nutshell of the Gospel and passed him a tract.

6 ) Eric a typical young man with no religious attachment. He does not believe that heaven and hell ever exist. But he was still a reasonable guy to let the conversation goes on as such the gospel was still shared.

7 ) James an architect student who does not believe in creation and a creation God. I used the building analogy to challenged him how come he does not deny any building has a builder behind to make it happen, why the universe of much higher degree of sophistication and complication is deemed existing by itself without a creator. He also criticized on the OT God that was cruel to get many people killed. I pointed to him the fact that before God really to execute His righteousness to punish sin and the sinners, he without failed gave more than enough time of chance for people to repent. Anyhow, James’s heart was too hard so he reacted irrationally to deny all the scientific based biblical phenomenon. May God's grace still follows him.

Battle log of Winnie Choi



在 神的帶領下,讓我遇上很多青年男女傳講福音的機會。

1. 中國青年,Ben。他不想聽,他説曾经有人傳過福音给他。我問他信了主嗎?他説未有。所以我講了幾句説話,便離開。我説,每人都有一死,死後會有審判,不信者已经定罪。我們不知道明天會發生什麽事?請認真想清楚。

2. 澳洲少女,Aireo。當我講完福音,巴士到達。

3. 香港來的黄小姐,曾经跟朋友到過教會。我詳细的講述福音及見證給她。

4. 香港來的黄小姐,這位是基督徒。她不明白救恩,我解释给她。

5. 澳門來的中國青年,Shelton。當我講完福音及見證後,巴士來到。

6. 日本少女,Larie。英語不是太好。所以我很慢,簡單的英語向她傳福音。

7. 印度來的 UQ 學生,Gou。當我傳講福音给他後,他願意到教會尋求認識更多真理。

8. 澳洲青年男女,Jim & May。他們很留心聽我講的福音。他們願意到教會尋求更多真理。相片是從玻璃後面影的,所以看得不是太清楚。

9. 澳洲青年,講了一半福音,巴士來到。

10. 兩位中國青年,Billy & Kwon Ming 。Billy 是澳洲出生,Kwon Ming 來到澳洲只有六個月。Billy 很留心聽我講的福音,而 Ming 没有耐性,想拉 Billy 離開。當我講完福音後,巴士來到。

11. 澳洲青年,Neo。他曾經跟朋友到過教會。我從頭講述福音给他。

感謝 神的带领,願今天聽到福音人仕,認罪悔改,信靠主耶稣基督為救世主,以及找到適合他們的教會。阿們!感謝讚美主!

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