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Wednesday 8 June 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Sunnybank on Wednesday June 8th, 2022 from 1300 – 1500

It was a hectic day for me but still God had sufficient grace for me to keep my commitment to be His witness at Sunnybank, week in week out. Today, Johnny was not available but God immediately moved and called a Kairos graduate Teresa Yi to join the Sunnybank team for the first time with Gary, Amy and Hung as team partners. Gary chose to went over to the Eastern side of Main Road while Teresa, Amy and Hung stayed on the Western side. Hung took a while to explain the way to present to Good Person tract as well as the underlining policy of Street outreach that Sin must be mentioned and stress but not forcing the audience to make hasty on the spot decision. Both sisters in Christ were very much spirit led that they all had very fruitful chats to first timer listeners or to those ripe for harvest making on the spot decision to accept Jesus out of their free will. Praise and Glory all to be to God. Recap below was my fewer divine encounters as a result of spending considerable time to coach Teresa in the beginning and also later on the issue of Assurance of Salvation.

1) A Proud Chinese man used demanding tone to urge for a quick finish of the Gospel sharing. Perhaps he was right as the Bus came before I can just sparely finish sharing the full gospel.

2) Then Teresa Yi told me she met a Christian and appeared to let this person go without any further sharing of the Gospel. I told her that, for all Christians, it should be good and necessary to conduct a diagnosis on their assurance of Salvation. I took Teresa herself as an target of drilling asking the two questions to her. She was basically on the right tract but still missing the crucial points that a fair dinkum Christian should have 100% assurance of salvation simply because of what Jesus had died and done for us. It is nothing to do with our good deeds, not before our conversion as well as after. If any one showed uncertainty to heaven because they feel they are not yet perfect, then they may have a mixed up on the three-fold salvation of God redemption package. The past deliverance was effective as soon as one repent and show willingness to ask Jesus to be the personal saviour, then all our sins, before and or after conversation should have been completely pardoned. Jesus sacrificial death to take over the eternal dead punishment of our sin alone is 100% effective and sufficient to set our sin count to zero as such we will be given the heavenly citizenship instantly. God will not revoke this free gift of eternal life even if our progress of sanctification is not smooth making many mistakes all along the way. He has promised to make us a new creation of masterpiece or perfect workmanship purely on basis of the work that Jesus had done. God has also further promised to make the work in progress life perfect on day before the new heaven and new earth descends on to the earth after the Millennium reigned by Jesus for 1000 years after the 7 years of tribulation.

3) Lia and Boo a Vietnamese couples listened attentively and appeared very receptive to the Gospel. Not sure if they are Buddhism by faith, but the Holy Spirit seemed to have put all check in their mind, especially the lady that they were agreeable with all the gospel said and saw the need to trust in Jesus for salvation and a sure gift of eternal life.

4) Otto, firstly approached by Teresa but handing him over to me as he is a Hong Konger who claim to be an Atheist believing in no God and no Heaven and Hell. I identified with him first that in rational mind, those things are beyond our human ability to prove for their existence. But if we find out it is true after we die, then there will be no 2nd chance for us to do anything to reverse the situations. So I guide him to put those question mark as aside as an assumption and think along the gospel and the mechanism of God's devised salvation plan. If it is sensible and logical then he should put a lot of deep though in to it. He agreed before the bus came to take him away.

5) Helen, she claimed I had chatted with her before but when I asked her to summarise the message of the track she failed to do so. I thus earn another round of sharing and revision on the reason we need Jesus and how His redemption act worked. She anyway believes in a state after death in eternity, so my revision clicked with her world view and was stressed that all decision to rely on Jesus must be made in this life. She seemed seeing this time critical elements in God's devised salvation plan for us. 己聴,信有來世.強調信耶

6) Sadia a lady from Saudi Arabia. She looks very much westernized as such she appeared very open to gospel message giving very positive response during the conversation.

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