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Wednesday 29 June 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Sunnybank on Wednesday June 29th, 2022 from 1300 – 1500

Today is within the weeks of School breaks for State and High school. Both Amy and Gary were not available as they had to mind their own kids for quality family time. Actually, Amy and the two kids have gone down to Adelaide to pay tribute and commemorate their Husband/father. A time that needs healing of God with Love and Peace. As a result, only Johnny and Hung were on duty. Both of us had a comparatively busy time though many of them are fruitless approach if not outright rejection. By the grace of God, there were still a few quality conversation especially for Johnny. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung: -

1 ) My first outreach was to an Aboriginal Granma and her Granddaughter. They were in a rush and using the bus waiting time to have their lunch. They however still welcome me to talk to them while they are eating. Basically, they are church going but not yet a believer, they could not pay full focus on my sharing, so I settle with wrapping up with the nutshell of the gospel and leave them finish their lunch box before the bus came.

2 ) Then I approach a Korean but he was not interested even though I tried to share just the nutshell of the Gospel.

3 ) Then cam a Local Aussie girl who was friendly and willing to have a chat, yet it was cut short by the quick arrival of her bus.

4 ) I approached a Mainlander Chinese, but he diverted the attention to his friend who is a devoured Buddhism follower. 大陸⋯.推搪, 有信佛專家 I tried to steer his mind to understand that all religion including Buddhism are good but do not address the issue of sin. He was two brain washed to insist that he needs nothing else other than Buddhism.

5 ) Then I caught up with A devout Christina from Solomon Island. He claimed himself a God lover praying all the time to God. But when tested if he has assurance of salvation, he only got 50/50 certainty which was gravely wrong. I had him clarified that it should be 100% as Jesus' redemptive work was 100% sufficient and effective to grant us the long-lost heavenly citizenship the moment we received Christ as our Saviour. He was pleased for this clarification and took a selfie with me.

6 ) Jacob was an ecumenical minded person claiming that all good person of whatever religion can go to heaven by their good deeds. It seemed that he is not fully agreeable even after my clarification.

7 ) Then I caught up with a woman from Mainland China大陸女,she was open to chat though still avoid telling me her name and her home town.還可以聊. Just share the nutshell of Gospel to her before the bus arrived.

8 ) I sat next to a Buddhism lady佛教女,she still refused to admit she is not good enough after her Buddhism education. 聽後還是不 接受

9 ) Two Hong Kong Compatriots, who are church going at UQ, but not yet a believers. They also was from Christian school background from Hong Kong. They anyhow admitted that the gospel is sensible and logical and our status as sinner is a fact though hard to accept. They thanked for my sharing and indicated that they are now more ready to become a Christian by simply accepting Jesus as their personal Saviour.

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