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Tuesday 19 July 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday July 19th, 2022 from 1330 – 1500

Despise the resurging of Covid19 cases, the three of us, Johnny, Winnie and Hung remained committed to do our weekly regular outreach Tuesday at Toowong. It seemed that UQ is still at term break, so there were less people flow at the Bus Stop 14. Nevertheless, all of us still have numerous divine appointments to share gospel to people of all different nations. Recap below are the Battle Log of Hing and Winnie: -

1 ) Hung first approach was directed to Nash from Middle East , he was friendly and opened to the gospel and asked for a tract after wards before boarding the bus.

2 ) Then I was led to shared with two Taiwanese tall guys. They were responsive and had much interaction while I shared them the full gospel. They delightfully took tracts to ensure pondering on the gospel message afterwards.

3 ) Raton is a local Aussie young man. He was very attentive to the gospel message and appeared very receptive with clear understanding. He showed appreciation by taking a selfie with me.

4 ) Then I was led to speak to two UQ young man both from Beijing , China separately and consecutively. The former one was much more receptive and admitted the needs for salvation by Jesus. Yet the next one who arrived a bit later took a totally different attitude to rationalize the imperfection of humankind denying the need for Jesus to die and pay for our sins. 兩中北京,一明理,一狡辯

5 ) Then I approached another UQ student from Singapore who quickly disclosed he is a Christian, yet without assurance of salvation. Just in time to clarify this misconception with him before the bus arrived.

6 ) Next came a Cantonese speaking person from Guangzhou, China.中國廣州Surprisingly , he was also very receptive to the gospel message and show desire to accept Jesus as Saviour.

7 ) Last but not the least, I was led to approach Elanor a Jewish girl. She however did not show rejection to Christ as the Messiah and indirectly admitted Jesus is the Saviour and Lord of our Life.

Battle log of Winnie:

19/7/2022 Toowong

感謝 神今天的帶领,雖然初時很多人都不願意聽福音,但是 神感動他們,讓我有機會可以向四位中國青年,七位中國少女傳福音。有兩次是兩位一起講的。


一位中國少婦,推着婴儿车,初時不願意聽,但是 神感動她,她都聽了重要的福音。

兩位青年,Samuel & Kelvin ,從斐濟群島來的(Fiji) 基督徒。解释救恩。

一位男士從孟加拉來的。(Bangladesh)Adam Khan,穆斯林。我講及三一神。


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