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Sunday 31 July 2022

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Last week I wrote about how I was determined to go out in spite of the rain (and I’m glad I did).  Well, this Tuesday, I decided to stay home!  There was a river outside my house, and I just thought the opportunities online would be better.  I’m glad I did, because I managed to get into a chat with a lady who had been involved with The World Mission Society Church of God - a nasty cult that even has a branch in Christchurch.  Andy and I have had many encounters with people involved with this cult on the streets.  And even a member of my church was able to engage them when they knocked on their door!

Anyway, this particular lady had apparently left the cult back in March, but she hadn’t come to know the true Jesus.  I was able to labour with her for over 40 minutes, working against the false teaching and explaining about God’s grace.  Sadly, although she was able to give the right answers, I didn’t see any spark of true understanding.  But who knows?  The gospel is the power of God for salvation.  Perhaps God will bring other Christians into her life to continue the chat?  Maybe someone like you?  We may not all be able to do street / online ministry, but we are all certainly able to share the gospel with those around us. :)  Be encouraged to step out!

The sun was out by Friday, and Roger and I hit the streets.  2 significant chats stand out for me.

The first was with a couple from France!  I write that with such joy, because it means foreigners are starting to come back to NZ after the long period of border lockdown due to Covid.  It’s so good that people travel so far to hear the gospel of Jesus!  Long may this continue :)

The chat went well, but the lady didn’t speak English well, and the guy was nice but resistant.  Yet, he heard the gospel, and they left with tracts.

The 2nd chat was with a couple of ladies that were very new age.  Early on in the chat, one of them said, “there is no ‘the’ truth, only many ‘a’ truths”.  I subtly kept referring back to this all through the chat so they could see how inconsistent they were being to that statement.  It was a longish chat, where I was able to share the law and gospel in between learning more about their worldview.  As I really nailed home how Christianity is about a gift (and not earning it) at the end of the chat, one of the ladies started to lose her cool ever so slightly.  It amazes me the people hate such good news!  What is that?  Pride?

Roger was having good chats too, a couple of them are pictured.  As I reflect on those pictures, it amazes me at how easy it is to spark up conversations (with a little bit of training, and pushing yourself through the initial nerves).  People really do want to talk about what happens afterlife, and it brings God much glory, even if they reject what we share.  I can’t recommend this work highly enough!  Speaking of training, we have some coming up in October.  To find out more about it, check this out.

Sadly, Saturday morning I came down with what is likely Covid (2 of my daughters tested positive, and the rest of us have symptoms).  That’s put an end to my ability to go to the streets for the next week, and yet I’m so grateful for the opportunity to share Christ online.  Bad things, like Covid, have a silver lining.  God uses all things for good!

I managed to do some gospel chats on both Saturday, and today (and they were really good ones).  But at the moment I’m mainly focusing on rest and recovery.  Please continue to keep the Christchurch Operation 513 team in prayer, it’s so needed and appreciated. :)


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