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Wednesday 14 September 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Sunnybank on Wednesday September 14th, 2022 from 1300 – 1600

Today still only Johnny and Hung were available with all others either was away or still sick to come. Since Johnny did not have to pick up wife after work, we decided to extend our outreach by one hour to four O' Clock. It was aimed to cover the East side of the Main Road to cater for school kids and parents after school hour. Even though we served for longer hours but time still passed quickly as by grace of God, we both got a couple of longer chats that made us forgot about time. The general situation of today was still of mixed result with both blunt rejection and willingness to chat. Gold intervention was also apparent that Johnny and Hung can cover and back up each other with good team work. Some one rejecting one of us but later, God would miraculously change their heart to go for a chat. In Short, the Street is still the best outreach mission field that you can easily feel the presence of God and how our lesser faith can be boosted by mean of the manifestation of His Mission Power. Recap is the Battle Log of Hung : -

1) Peter was a very willing listener despite it was interrupted by David Kong, one of my nonbelievers friend who took the trouble to show up to giving me the moral support. Peter obviously is not yet a believer but was very receptive to the Gospel and understand that his name bears significant biblical meaning as the rock of the church. He did show intention to pursuit for the free gift of eternal life.

2) Then I faced a set back after the first fruitful chat. A lady seemingly a Chinese but pretend she do not understand either Chinese or English. She also refused to take a tract.

3) Then I caught up with Mr Lau from Hong Koing. We only had a brief chat and he got the tract to read.

4) Arian, an ABC with father from HK and mother from SGP while he was born in Australia. His Cantonese is very good possibly because he was sent back to live and work in HKG for four years. As an Australian, he is very open minded and receptive to the gospel message showing seriousness to pursuit God and receive Jesus as Saviour. He was happy to take a selfie with me to let me remember his face for more chat in the future.

5) I then approached Two English speaking high school girls with one saying that she had got the tract before. But she was still happy to engage into conversation about the implication of the tract on her mindset. The understanding still needed refreshing so I went thru the gospel briefly with her till teh bus arrived.

6) Then I intercepted the conversation between on Cantonese speaking Hong Konger a一港人,and one Mandarin speaking Mainlander Chinese 一中人,I ended up sharing Gospel in English with them. The Hong Konger took an indifference attitude claiming he is an atheist as such the gospel is irreverent to him.開始玩世不恭.稱無神論,I pray for patience and positive attitude to emphasize that I was sharing a cross cultural concept rather than a pure religious message. As long as he admitted he and non one is perfect, and that imperfection attracted a consequence of punishment for eternal isolation that only Jesus can save, then the conclusion that every oen need Jesus can be established. After a skillful friendly chat, the Hong Konger did finally turned more inclusive rather than in an antagonistic manner.

7) Carman is an Aussie lady with no religious background though she claimed she was grown up in Christian school. Yet she still hold an open mind to listen to the gospel and promise to rethink if she really need to invite Jesus as her Saviour and Lord of Life.

8 ) Michael is a Half Maori and half Hungarian and his religious view is also a mixture of a bit of everything or half Christian and half the secular thoughts. I was surprised to find out later from Johnny that Michael initial rejected to chat with Johnny but let me sit side by side with him. Perhaps I first address his country of origin guessing right he is not just pure Maori but with other blood. It was a good long chat and finally, he cannot deny that every one need Jesus as long as we are not perfect.

9) Then I tried to catch up with a Chinese couple but the man pretend he does not speak Chinese while he was watching iPhone with app in Chinese. 中國人裝不懂,被識破,被動的聽. The Spirit moved me to disregard his trick and simply sat besides him to started sharing the full Gospel. He did not ask me to stop or left his seat, so I regarded this as the work of God to get him heard about the message.

10) Then we switched over to the East side of Main Road at 1500 hour. The first divine appointment was with Leow Yong Kwan and Yong Dan who were brothers from a Malaysian Chinese Christian family. Despite they are still young possibly just 12 to 14 years old, but they have the clearest understanding of the Gospel and had 100 % assurance of salvation. They attended Acacia Ridge Presbyterian Church.

11) The I stopped a McGregor big guy fro a brief chat but could not hold him for long as he needed to run for some personal matter.

12) Then I was rejected by a Chinese Grand Pa, waiting to pick up his grand children.

13) Next, I approached an Indian mum with a kid. She was not patient enough for a chat though the kids showed OK to listen. At the end, she asked for a tract to read by herself.

14) Then I had a longest chat of the day with a Singaporean old lady who was eating her quick lunch. She appeared hostile initially but melt down to have a sincere conversation on deeper thought of life. She initially tried to establish she is good enough and feel proud of herself as such she reckon she needs no faith adherence. But after a long chat, she finally came to her sense admitting no matter how good you are, as long as one is imperfect with sin, every one need Jesus. Her name is Lam Hoon.

15) The last for the day was with an Aussie lady who was unwilling to chat initially but still chatted on for a while till the bus came.

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