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Wednesday 9 November 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Sunnybank on Wednesday Nov 9th, 2022 from 1300 – 1500

We were overjoyed to have Joe re-joining us after a period of his overseas trip. It was a pity he messed up the time and came an hour earlier to do solo. I was barely OK to meet with him for a short while then he had to leave for his own work from home office hour. Johnny missed meeting Joe, not just this week but for a long time to go as he will leave for Taiwan on Friday. SO, in a sense God is good to move Joe to re-join us to take the place of Johnny so that we still can manage to form a team.

Again, Johnny experienced many gracious divine appointment meeting new and old people with good fruit bearing result. As for me, it was a normal day with mixed result of blunt rejection or opened mind opened arm reception. Of course, there were even more gracious kind of conversation started with initial reluctance of even rejection but through the work of the Holy Spirit, the gospel message still could be conveyed to the gospel target elected by God. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung>

0) I first approached a lady for a short chat before I caught up with Joe. The bus came too quick to get her away.

1) Mzra an Indonesia young students whom Johnny had contacted before. But he appeared still very polite to let me follow up on his understanding and perception of the last conversation as well as the tract. Basically, he tried initially to uphold the Islamic teaching but later he did find difficulty to discount the sensibility and logicality of the gospel especially about the treatment of sins. He was in obvious struggle, so I left him to the hand of God to bring eventual conviction to the truth of the salvation of Jesus.

2) A mainlander from Hebei Boding was waiting for friend as such I had a long time chatting with him. His initial reaction was blunt rejection but I changed my tactics ????????) ?? sharing with him my Chinese travelling experience to Beijing doing Walk on the Great Wall for charity. I led on to share about counselling for earthquake victim in 2008 and how the Counselling class can help people to fix their character changing life issues by means of the grace and power of God. He basically was moved by all these lives changing testimony and become receptive to the gospel at the end. ?????????

3) Then God led me to approach a young man by the name of Chung from Canton.?.???He came to do visual design at QUT ,???? and was opened enough to take in the gospel message in quite receptive manner.

4) Then I was led to approach a Filipino middle-aged lady who was also receptive to the full gospel message and took a tract.

5) Then I had a long chat with a Chinese descendant named Chan from Cambodian who is Cantonese speaking. ?????He declared he is a Buddhism follower????? But was willing to listen with good responses.

6) Then Sister Chang eventually turned up and this time God allowed enough time for me to clarify the confused understanding of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christa. ???????????

7) Then I was led to approach Mr Yang from Canton. ? ?????????????He came 10 years ago and was shocked by the aggressive way of Mormon . Now he came again but was conscious to avoid Mormon. He is not yet a Christian but is open and receptive to Christian gospel.

8 ) Lastly, I was led to approach a young man from Somalia called Ali and declared himself a Muslim. But he is still very open minded to listen to the full gospel with the stressed on the work of Jesus dying for our sins.

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