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Wednesday 30 November 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Sunnybank on Wednesday Nov 30th, 2022 from 1300 – 1500

Last week the Sunnybank Outreach spot was unattended basically because of my Day surgery for Biopsy. It was great that the outcome is no more cancer cells so I am a free person again to keep doing His work without and constraints. This week, it was joyous to have Gary and Joe both joining me to make a strong gospel warrior team. We were all occupied in gospel sharing conversation. I myself have a few notably good and long chat as recap below.

1) My first approach was to an Indigenous girl waiting for her mum. She showed no interest to listen to the Gospel though I still managed to get connected with her through my past involvement in outback indigenous mission. Unfortunately, her mum arrived and distracted her attention. Gary also intercepted at this moment to chat to her mum but the bus arrival left us no time to continue. Nevertheless, it was still a meaningful encounter to let the indigenous girl know someone care for her and her people.

2) Then I turned to my left to approach an Old Aussie man who was watching animation on the phone as such he was not willing to chat initially but I still manage to connect with him first and God softened his heart to listen to the full gospel until his bus arrive. He took a tract to ponder on what I shared with him.

3) Then I approached a lady from Taiwan by the name of Chen????, she appeared open for a chat and showed receptiveness to the gospel I shared. She actually was invited to the church a few times but still lacking the last step of faith action because of the obstacle of self-recognition as possibly a Buddhist followers????I assert that it is no harm to follow any religion as long as they teach and appeal people to be a good person. But none of them provide the eternal gift of life solution to save us from eternal separation form God and their own loved family who had committed to Christ. She felt moved and I left her alone to face God for the overdue last step of action faith to receive Christ.

4) Then the Spirit led me to engage with a senior lady by the name Yang from Beijing for a very long chat. I first connected with her the places including the sessions of Great Wall I had visited twice. She migrated to Australia in 2000 and was happy to be in a safe and free country without unreasonable locked down policy instead of staying in China, like some of her relative whom are all in grave situation if not big trouble, especially in the imminent outbreak of ant- totalitarian government protest which is rare in Mainland China. She was open to the gospel message and admitted both good and bad persons needed Jesus. It was a pity the atheist education in China has hardened her hearts but still she showed great appreciation for my sharing of the gospel as well as my own personal testimony.

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