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Wednesday 15 February 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday 15/2/2023 from 1300-1500

It was a hot sunny day after the afternoon thunderstorm good for outreach. Amy was able to join me as Joshua was sent to kindergarten every fortnightly. We teamed up at the same northbound bus stop but Amy later moved onto the other side of the street across the bridge. She got many great conversations with non-believers as well as Christians. The people group she reached including Cambodia, Myanmar Indian Sikh ???Vietnamese and of course Chinese from Taiwan and the Mainland China. As for me, I had a balance ratio of Chinese from Taiwan and China as well as non-Chinese people group including, Local Aussie, Japanese, Filipino, Bangladesh. Recap below is my Battle log.

1) Rohan is a local Aussie of middle age involving in China trade as such he greeted me in Mandarin, we spent time to exchange info about our China experience and barely have time to touch on the gospel. Anyway, the rapport built was good enough to warrant a willing acceptance of a tract and trust God may have His follow up work.

2) A Bangladesh guy coming for study showing no interest in religious issue at all initially. But I was moved to keep the chat on persistently and the Spirit softened his heart to still listening on and took a tract at the end.

3) The I was moved to connect with Marina a Filipino lady of catholic background. She was not interested but still remain interreacting with me in a polite manner. At the end, again it was the work of the Sprit to change her attitude to become a willing listener.

4) Then I caught up with a tom boy look woman possibly of 30 years old. She is from Beijing???but has already migrated to Australia.????In contrast to the image of a historic Beijing resident, she got tattoo to show her openness to the western pop culture????????Yet after listening half way my Gospel sharing, she still chose to decline conversation on religious matter. ???? And her bus arrival naturally ended this divine appointment.

5) Then two Japanese got off from the bus yet did not leave seemingly waiting for a transit bus. So I started building rapport by Japanese greeting. The sharing was brief only the nutshell of the Gospel as their transiting bus came very quick.

6) God remunerated me by leading me to meet a Hong Kong young lady by the name Kong. She recognized me up right and I reminded me of our conversation two week ago went very well leaving her a very solid new life view that she would like to ponder. ????.????. Anyway, her bus also came very quick and I convey to her my wish that next time if we meet again, there will be good news about her decision making the last step of faith to receive Christ.

7) Then I was led to connect with a lady from Hubei Wuhan.?? She has just arrived in Brisbane 3 days ago for UQ study on Applied Linguistic. While I could connect with her about my Wuhan experience, full gospel was also shared to her with good receptiveness.

8 ) Finally I approached a Taiwanese young guy whose heart was so cold rejecting the gospel flatly. It was a sign for me to call for the day to go home earlier to fix the storm damage to the roof of my house.

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