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Tuesday 7 March 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday March 7th, 2023 from 1330 – 1500

It was a pretty hot afternoon, especially at the Toowong bus stop with great radiating heat form the heated concrete surrounding. People tended to hide from the sun and the heat behind the bus stop shade. Again, God answered our prayer to face many Mainlanders with a softened heart. It seems that after the end of the zero-case policy, and the subsiding of the pandemic in China, there is a great flux of student from China especially those coastal provinces. Actually, I met consecutively two students from the same Suzhou city in Jiangsu. I also met people of other nations from India, PNG, Singapore, and local Aussie etc. The result of today was considered fruitful and smooth.

1) I chatted with the young man at the end of the long queue who is from Suzhou, Jiangsu. I built rapport with him through my experience of visiting his home town 50 years ago. He is a fresh graduate arriving just 3 weeks. He was a willing listener of the Gospel with reasonably good interaction. It was a pit she did not want to leave his name at the end. (???? ,??,??,????)

2) Surprisingly, the 2nd person I approach was also from Suzhou.(???.??) She is also a fresh graduate by the name of Hsia, arriving just a few week. She appeared also very opened minded and receptive to the gospel.

3) Then I spotted Winnie trying to chat with Fiona the Catholic lady once had deep conversation and tried to invite me to talk to her Catholic Father. She recognized me instantly and tried to catch up if I had done any follow up study. I said yes, I did discuss all the controversial issue with my CUHK classmate now migrated to Canada. He is a very pious and decent Catholic believers but he himself cannot explain the proposition that Mary was near Saint, if not goddess as Jesus’ mother. The arrival of the bus cut short our mutual updating of status.

4) Isaac Paul is an Indian Christian from a Christian family. He quickly identified himself as Christian but failed right away the Assurance of Salvation test that he utterly has no assurance of salvation at all. I clarified a d pray that he from now on can stand firmly on his bottom-line faith in Christ.

5) Then I caught up with a girl form Henan, China. She has been in Australia for 3-4 months already. She also was very opened mind to listen to all the gospel sharing with a softened heart(?????. ?????)

6) Then I tried to connect with an old man of age 82 whom I thought is from China. Yet he pretended to be a Japanese speaking person seemingly tried to cut off the conversation. But I could respond in Japanese, so he finally stopped pretending and resumed talking with me in Mandarin. He is actually from Singapore but could really speak 7 languages. He used to be a university lecturer but now retired. I turned back on to the gospel and he seemingly is not a Christian but claimed that Johnny had spoken with him before. I nevertheless still tried to follow up on his current understanding of the issue of sin and salvation by Jesus alone by faith through grace, yet the bus came just now.

(?82 ?????????????????… ?? Johnny)

7) Finally I caught up with Yewleaf from PNG who came to Australia in 2015 and is now in her final year in UQ. She quickly identified herself as a Christian and is familiar with Yasmin. I anyway tested her assurance of salivation right away and she passed the test with 100% assurance of salvation.

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