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Wednesday 3 May 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday 3/5/2023 from 1300-1500

Today, I was to serve solo again as no one else was available. It was important for me to keep the momentum going despite I just freshly recovered from my Prostate trimming procedure which normally would require more time of rest. But by the grace of God, I felt as energetic as usual to honour my commitment to keep doing street outreach in His strength. Basically, I got both funny if not crazy responses from some guy appeared to have mental issue and a deceitful lady pretending she does not speak Chinese or English. In the meantime, I had several very meaningful and fruitful conversation with both non-believers or Christians without clear understanding of the gospel lacking assurance of salvation. Recap below is the Battle Log for today.

1) I was moved to approach a Chinese looking middle age guy but he chose to response in short English phrase that seems to be from the charismatic background. I was almost certain he does not speak fluent English but just short phrases of Biblical weir terminology, likes Bible on the grace, prostitutes, that convey no complete meaning. I anyway disregard his tactics to confuse me but focus on sharing the full Gospel to him until his bus arrived.

2) Then I approached Ryan who sat on the side bench. He is a non-believer but remain polite, friendly to the gospel, especially I usr the Aussie slang Fair Dinkum as the ice breaker. At the end, he was convinced the gospel is sensible and he promised to ponder about his need for Jesus to pardon his sin and grants him the eternal life. He delightfully took a selfie with me for future possible re-encounter for follow up.

3) Then I moved closer to the bus stop to connect with a Colombia couple coming to learn English. I used my limited Spanish greeting as the ice breaker and share the full gospel to them. They appeared receptive to he gospel message possibly because of their Catholic Background but with little interaction because of limited English level.

4) First Terry then joined by Josh the Filipino couples, they quickly identified themself as Catholic so I focus on testing their understanding of the gospel and if they have assurance of salvation which as expected were both unclear. I clarified it for them together with related biblical teaching. They politely and patiently let me finish off my clarification and sharing about the Kairos movement originated from their home country with a selfie.

5) Then I came across a possible Chinese girl but trying to disguise herself as English speaking. I then switched to share in English and after I finished the nutshell of the Gospel, she excused to quit our conversation for checking out the bus schedule.

6) Then I turned to Roland an 11 years old ABV with parent from Vietnam. He was receptive to the gospel message and promise to read the tract in full for a personal response.

7) Then I caught up with a Nepal girl and draw her to see the work of God in Nepal after the earthquake 9-10 years ago. She show good interest in the gospel.

8 ) Then I approach finally Theja from Sri Lanka coming here to study international business at Griffith. She looks like a high school student but is mature enough to have an interactive conversation with me about the eternal life issues.

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