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Tuesday 9 May 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday May 9th, 2023 from 1330 – 1500

The weather has started turning cool lately, but our passion for gospel outreach remained fierce though hardship and rejection is the norm. It keeps our Spirit high in His strength to catch all the divine appointment that God grants us every time we served with Him. Today was again a day of mixed results but the gospel nevertheless has been proclaimed to the elected ones chosen by God as per Battle Log recap below for Hung.

1) I was led to approach a Mainlander from ChongXin ?? Who has just come for the first year. I was able to relate by my credential as the Sichuan earthquake disaster relief team member in the capacity of counsellor??????He was polite and friendly for chatting. ?????. Gospel was shared as a nutshell just in time before the bus arrived. Pray for the follow up work of the Spirit through the tract.

2) Raul a Catholic Christian from Bolivia, who originally should have gone to catch the bus, but he mistaken I was to catch the bus with him so he was a second late to let the bus go. It gave me a second chance to share the gospel but he quickly identified himself as a Catholic Christian so I changed to test for his assurance of salvation which was half success. He was confident he can go to heaven 100 % but it was because of his good deeds after being a Christian. I was barely in time to clarify with him that non 0f our good deeds before or after we become a Christian count and it is all to the credit of Jesus 100 redemptive atoning grace. At the end, he also willingly took a selfie with me.

3) Shirley was the third I approached again by the move of the Spirit. She is from Sri Lanka and claimed she has received the Spirit. But on testing for assurance of salvation, she is not sure at all. Thanks, God I had enough time to clarify everything for her and she was graceful for it and happily took a selfie with me.

4) Then I caught up with an Indian girl from Mumbai who has come to Australia for 10months. She was open for the gospel though again I only had barely enough time for the nutshell of the Gospel.

5) Then I was led to approach a Muslin girl Mamphela from Jakarta. She was however very open for the gospel chat. When asked if there is any perfect person, her religious teaching told her that Mohamad is a perfect Prophet. I however led her to have a 2nd though if really there is any human who can remain to be perfect the whole life. I illustrate even the Budda admitted he was not perfect as he once lived as a corrupted person when he was a prince and he did claim he also need a saviour in one of the Wall Sculpture carving picture written in ancient language In Chingmai. She was objective enough to accept my query and agreed that no human is perfect as such we all have to face the imperfection or sins we have committed throughout our whole life. It called for judgment and punishment after death which can only be cleansed by a perfection to take our place for the punishment which is Jesus and Him alone. She seemed convinced with the argument and happily took a tract for further pondering.

6) Then I bumped into an Australian born Mixed Chinese & Japanese girl. She is of Catholic Christian background and does not have assurance of salvation. Our conversation was but interrupted by a girl rudely cut our conversation stop. I suggested to her that she at least should excuse me for asking her friend to end our conversation.

7) Finally, I approached another Mainland girl who was very subjective that she deemed all religions are without scientific basis. God gave me just enough time to recount the scientific interpretation of the 6 days creation as well as the geographical landscape of Gorge like Colorado in USA and the Ching Hai high land with a rich mine of salt underground left behind by the great flood. She started to realize her own understand of the world was not comprehensive enough to explain all those faces hints by all those biblical truths. But with ages of brain washing by the atheist thinking of the CCP, she still was not yet moved to let in more gospel message at the moment. But it was definitely a very good breakthrough point hopefully for more follow up gospel sharing opportunity.

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