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Tuesday 23 May 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday May 23rd, 2023 from 1330 – 1500

Right after I conducted the funeral service for my late elderly member Percy Lee, I declined the Lee Family's invitation for lunch but rushed to join the Toowong Gospel threesome team. It was a blessed outreach with many fruitful conversations with both non-believers and nominal Christians who are not clear and sure about their assurance of salvation. It is always our belief that God is the one who elected, moved, and convicted people to humble, repent, and make the last step of faith accepting Jesus as our Saviour and Lord of our life. Recap below is Battle Log of Hung

1) I was led to approach a girl by the sure name Poon ?from Hong Kong.??? There was a sense of sadness on her face which I assume I understand her feeling of helplessness. Gospel is the ultimate solution for all the imperfection and corruption of this sinful world that accounted for the down turn of Hong Kong from an international city of freedom to an ordinary city of China. The edge we used to have for international trade and finance have all gone and replaced by Singapore. Anyway, as a Christian and gospel warrior, we are not to solve the human broken-down systems but to restore the kingdom of God on earth by proclaiming the gospel as far reach as possible to people of all nations.

2) Then I connected with a man from Serbia. He claimed he chatted with me before on April 4th and some of us had also chatted with him before and he was busy in doing some last-minute revision to his assignment so excused me from a chat last time. This time, we did have time to connect and claimed he is a Christian. His assurance of salivation is also 100% correct. He showed appreciation to our work for God and with God.

3) Then I caught up with a father who came to study Science in UQ and the daughter to do state school here. ????They are from Guangzhou and I am glad for them to be able to come to the open world to receive much better education here. Hope that the gospel trac will also bring them new hope in life.?

4) Then I approached a girl from Nepal who appeared a bit suspicious of what we were doing. Anyway, it was the election of God for us to approach her.

5) Ashi an Indian Hinduism follower but has remain a very open mind for Christian gospel. She admitted there is nothing she could argue with the rationality of the gospel and admitted we are all imperfect as such everybody is liable to ask for salvation by Jesus. She does have Christian friends and it appeared she is ripe for harvest at any time soon by the Will of God.

6) Aman a Canadian born Sikh coming to do medical study at UQ. Although he was born in the Western open free world, but because of family heritage, he was bounded by the culture to remain dressing as a Sikh with a typical long hair but wrapping up by head scarf. Though wise, he actually was still quite open and did not strongly reject Christianity. He accepted the rationale of the salvation mechanism designed by God, but still only treat it as one of the religious expressions that he is happy to understand but not changing his own Sikh faith. So the Bottomline is still about the election and predestination of God for any of us to be saved. All we can do is to faithfully share the Gospel in-discriminatively.

7) Grace, a lovely local Aussie girl with full gospel shared.

8 ) Copper, another fair dinkum local Aussie boy, hearing the gospel from the first time and showed interest and receptiveness to the Christian faith.

9) Then I was led to chat with a Singapore girl by the name Barden who looks of Indian origin. Just managed to give her an introduction and the bus came so just left here with a tract.

10) Tom a Christian of orthodox background who surprisingly has no idea about the salvation and why we can go to heaven. He is from NSW then moved to Toowoomba and now come down to study at UQ. He though he became a Christian upon his baptism which of course was wrong. I anyway managed to recount the nutshell of the gospel to him and left him a tract. I must pray for another time to wrap up all the confusion he has about the Christian faith.

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