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Thursday 20 November 2008

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Thursday 20/11/08


Again we went out as a team on Thursday night, this month has been a difficult one for me to get out on a Friday. Thankfully we had a full complement of people with myself, Sucraj, Jim, Peter, Jemma and Carl; it is so encouraging to see people willing to go out of their comfort zones and into the cold to give others the gospel.

After praying together we set to handing tracts to as many people as possible and get into conversation with people. While there is not the amount of people we normally would see on a Friday there was a steady stream of people coming through and a group of security guards that heard the gospel many times over by the end of the night.


Sucraj was the first preacher up for the night and from the base of the war memorial proclaimed the gospel of the ever living God. The only hecklers that he had were railing at the fact that he a man of Indian descent was standing on an English memorial site. This sort of prejudice and racism is abominable but it was warming to see Sucraj respond with grace and patience to these men. Sucraj preached well on the topic of the unsatisfied longing of the human soul that only is satisfied when in relationship with our maker. Calling people to come through Jesus Sucraj urged the people passing to come and drinking from the waters of eternal life.


After Sucraj finished I jumped up and began to preach regarding the freedom and peace that people had fought and died for over the years. This is a peace and freedom that has proved fragile and full of problems. Ultimately peace is only truly achieved when we are in harmony with one another and that is only possible when we are at peace with our maker. Freedom is what most people claim to want but I pointed out to those present that what most call freedom is really only freedom to serve their master - sin. During this Pipes came along and wanted to interact with us and asked what we thought of the Buhddist faith. I responded that it is very difficult to trust in someone who had walked out on his family responsibilities just so that he could pursue a philosophical goal. Among other things that Pipes objected to in the preaching was the thought that there is a set of rules we were preaching, I quickly pointed to the fact that all Christians have sinned and works are not our basis for hope before God. It would have been good to talk further with Pipes but he had to go due to the cold so Sucraj went with him to a nearby place to warm up and talk further and they had a great conversation.


Jim was next up to preach and while the tracts were going out in a steady stream it was good to also hear the gospel sounding forth. The life of soldier Billy McFadzean was his beginning point (link:, this young man laid down his life for the sake of his friends before the battle of the Somme. Likewise Jesus laid down His life in sacrificial atonement so that those He called friends could live, Jim called people to carefully consider Christ and put their trust in Him. In his usual solid way Jim urged people to abandon sin, love Jesus and follow after Him, after preaching solidly for some time he stepped down.

At this point I had the privilege of speaking at length with a lady who had once believed in Jesus but said she no longer did. We spoke for some time and I was able to urge her many times to trust in Jesus as He is her only hope. I pointed to the law which condemns us all for our sin and pointed to the futility of good works because they are polluted by our sin and are a useless bribe to a holy God. She leave with a sober expression and I pray under conviction which will lead to salvation.

We joined together at the end of the night to pray to God and praise Him for His great works through us His all too weak ministers.




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