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Wednesday 26 July 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday 26/7/2023 from 1300-1500

Praise be to God that Qin Hao has been moved to become a regular Gospel Outreach team member to serve at Sunnybank every Wednesday with Johnny and Hung. We thank God for Qin Hao who is a very productive member grasping every opportunity to reach out to people assembling at the Bus Stop on the Eastern side of Mains Road. God uses our team work to cover as many varieties of people group as possible during our 2-hour ministry hour. With the team division of work, Johnny focus on approaching Chinese speaking people leaving English speaking target to Qin Hao and Hung. But aftercall, it was the work of the Holy Spirit to guide us to make our individual approach and will follow up on the response of those gospel target when they are moved to read the tract and home with their heart being touched and moved by the Spirit to make their respective faith response. We are just the vessel used by God to channel the bottom-line blessing to people of all nations.

1) Joseph and Jim were two QUT students from India. They were both very open and keen to listen to the full gospel and appeared very receptive. They took a tract to read and ponder afterwards to make their faith decision.

2) Next, I was led to approach a QUT students from Taiwan. Again, very open and receptive to the Gospel.

3) Then came a Mainlander girl but was persistently not interested to talk about faith issue. Still managed to chat it out on other softer issue but at the end, still refused to take a tract after listening to the gospel.

4) Ella an Indonesian lady who quickly disclosed she is a Christian when Qin Hao approached her. I quickly took over to test for her assurance of salvation which surprisingly is 100% certain simply because of the redemptive work of Jesus taking our place to receive the punishment of our sin. I asked if this orthodox teaching applies to the whole congregation or just to a few matured Christian like her. She claimed it is the norm that everyone at their church is very clear about the gospel and salvation. I can only give all praise and glory to God that amidst a Muslim country, Indonesia Christian can be so matured. I only hope and pray that they will also be mobilized to share the gospel in Indonesia to their own people and cross culturally to other ethnic groups.

5) After that, there came a large group of teenagers possibly from a private high school. Qin reacted quickly handing out tracts to many of the students waiting for their coach to come and many of them did read the tract immediately on the spot. But after they boarded their chartered bus but still waiting at the bus stop. A young handsome boy came to the bust stop and sat down by my side. Girls on the bus kept signing him as if they were friends. But this handsome boy Birdie claimed he knew none of the girl on the bus. Anyway, I got connected with him because of this brief exchange of words and ended up sharing him also the full gospel. He also took a tract to ponder on the salvation issue and to make his step of faith decision accordingly.

6) Then I approached a Korean girl who is a non-believer. She also appeared open and receptive to the gospel.

7) Then I turned to a Chinese lady who claimed herself a Buddhist. She also said she had already had a chat with Winnie at Toowong. I nevertheless still repeat the gospel message to him stressing Buddhism is good bout only guided us to be a good person but could not resolve the issue of sin. She appeared a bit too resistant to all other religion other than Buddhism despite I clarified to her that Buddhism is actually not religion but a kind of education to teach people to be a good person.

8 ) Lastly, I caught up with a Buddhism lady Mardi from Bhutan, I took long time to share her the gospel with many side dish of testimony. She anyway was a bit too proud of her Country being ranked as no one happy country as such she even thought there might be perfect person in their community. But of course, going through the tract, she finally admitted there is no perfect person in the human race and that as long as we are not perfect, then we all need a saviour to cover up our imperfection or sin by His sacrificial blood.

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