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Tuesday 22 August 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday August 15th 2023 from 1330 – 1500

Today, Chi Ming coming back from Tawan still joined to team up with Johnny and Hung to serve at Toowong. When we started there was still a long queue for the bus so we approached people at the end of the queue to gain more time to chat before they got on to the bus. In general, it was again a very fruitful outreach though not without hiccup up and stern rejection from a minority few. God also nurture team work that Johnny and I minister to the same person reinforcing the gospel message to the target to make an informed decision quickly. Recap is the Battle Log of Hung :

1) First Rejected by a mainlander girl despite I stressed it is a discussion of life issue from non-religious point of view.

2) Then I switched to approach an Aussie girl in front who was friendly initially but turn harsh once she thought the life issue was still about the fall and sin of human being that triggered the need of all human for salvation.

3) Then my next divine appointment was with an overseas Chinese born in USA but returned to China. She actually received education in Christian school in USA, and their family was once religious but for some reason, they all fell back from their original faith in God. The girl considered her self not yet a believer. I anyhow stressed the need of all people including good person yet not perfect then we all need salvation of Jesus to cleanse our sins. She was opened to discussion of the message but appeared not ready yet to be convicted to admit she is a sinner who need Jesus to take her place to receive punishment for her sin. ???????????????????

4) Then I was moved to approach still mainlander from Quanzhou. ???? He was happy we can chat in Cantonese. Though he appeared a bit cautious in accepting the gospel message, but he basically was still willing to enter into conversation with me on this life issue until the bus came.

5) Another mainlander student suddenly approached me for a tract hastily before he had to get on the bus. I gave him both Chinese and English. So prayerfully God will minister to him when he read the tract on the bus. ???????

6) Then I spent long time to chat with a mainlander girl who did not show initial rejection. But gradually her attention was distracted by some incoming text message triggering her to respond. Finally, I just finished the full gospel sharing and let her go when her bus arrived. I took a photo of her back but she noticed it from her hindsight and demanded me to delete the photo which I of course followed her request. That was the normal sort of spiritual warfare challenges we have to face from time to time.

7) Then I was led to approach still mainlander man from Henan????. He was opened and welcome for conversation. But it did not last long because of the quick arrival of the bus.

8 ) Miguel is a Catholic Christian and a high school student from Filipin. He patiently listened with interest to the gospel sharing but indicated at the end he is a Catholic Christian. I then tested he only have 80% certain to go to heavenly. I had to rush for giving him the clarification before the bus arrived. He was appreciative to have a selfie with me.

9) Then I was moved to approach mainlander again, a girl from Shanxi Taiyuan. ???????She studies Accounting at UQ and was willing to chat on life issues. ?????I also shared my testimony and work that God led me to do in China which seemingly had attracted her interest and hence become more willing to hear the gospel.

10) Carlsberg is from New Castle and a self-proclaimed Catholic 100 Chrisitan. He seemed to have 100 % assurance of salvation but all for the wrong reason of his good work rather than relying on Jesus alone. I also had to hastily to give him the clarification and he was appreciative to have again a selfie with me.

11) Then I was led to approach an Indonesia couple who appeared very friendly and polite though sceptical about the status of Jesus as the son of God and our Saviour.

12) Then I saw Louis was reading the tract obviously after a chat with Johnny. I curiously asked if he fully understand the message presented. I anyway was moved to reinforced the full gospel message once and he delightfully came to admit it is all true and logical and credible. I challenge him to make his final step of faith and took picture so I will recognize him next week to ask about his decision. Praise God he was really almost there.

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