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Monday 4 September 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday September 5th, 2023 from 1330 – 1500

Today we again had Johnny, Chi Ming and Hung to team up to do street outreach at Toowong despite Chi Ming was not in his best shape. At the end, he still stayed for the whole time demonstrating his faith and love of God could help overcoming his unwellness.

It was also an eventful day with mixed experiences of very open and receptive smooth & fruitful sharing, but in the meantime, there was also blunt rejection or even self-righteous intervention by some bystander, attacking my gospel outreach work and PUA my gospel target to reject me. In flesh, I of course felt outraged, but in Spirit, I must repent and pray for that ignorant self- righteous guy that God will still not give him up and send someone else to reach out to him at another better time. Recap below is my Battle Log.

1) I was moved to approach two Indonesian UQ students from Surabaya. I was mistaken they tried to refrain from talking to me to clear some room in the shaded area behind the bus stand. They actually welcomed me to squeeze in sharing the shaded. So, once this was clarified, we clicked well and they appeared friendly and open to the gospel. They took tract to read to show they are not hardliner Islamic advocate. Pray for God amazing work to move their hearts.

2) Eclipse an Indian UQ student doing IT study. He also was very open and receptive to the full gospel I shared with him and took a tract to ponder for his next step of faith.

3) Then I was moved to approach a young man Huang??? from Guangzhou who recognized my accent and asked me to switch to Cantonese. Actually, his initial attitude was not to bother him by showing the budda necklace. I first acknowledge that all religions are good but not addressing the issue of sin. I further pointed out to him that Buddhism is actually not a religion as it does not have a God head to worship. He was amazed to learn such thing from me as such I earned my chance to keep sharing to him the full gospel. I anyhow chose a winding path to start sharing my salvation testimony but it works good to get him identify with my past as a non-religious and self-righteous good person. He took both English and Chinese tract to read.

4) Then miraculously God led an Aussie girl. I thought she was waiting for the bus , but actually she got into the shaded area for texting after she got off the bus. She also appeared very delighted to have a chat with me and at the end, could not agree more about the gospel that she is good but not perfect as such she need Jesus. She only sought to leave for the Toowong village, after I finished the chat.

5) Next, I was moved to catch up with Cliffe from Townville. He also showed great openness and receptiveness to the gospel message and promised to ponder for the next step of faith to accept Jesus. I took a photo with him hoping I can recognize him in future to follow up on his decision.

6) Then I approached a Chinese girl with hair dyed completely gold in colour. She was a bit shy but dis not reject me to chat with her. But after a long while, I was interrupted by possibly a Malaysian English-speaking self -righteous young man to threaten me to stop otherwise he will call the police. He also PUA the girl to ask her if she still want to continue conversation with me. I just told her, if you really did not feel good to have a chat, you simply told me and we did not need a third person to interfere our normal friendly chat. That certainly is part of the spiritual warfare we will face for serving God.

7) Then I turned to another Chinese student who said he got a tract before. ????. I anyway still revised the main point before his bus arrived.

8 ) Redelbel is a lovely local Brisbane girl with sunshine on her face. She is all good for the gospel message and thanks for my sharing ending our joyful conversation with a selfie picture.

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