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Wednesday 15 November 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday Nov 15th 2023 from 1300-1500

Today, only Johnny and Hung were available to do the Sunnybank Street Outreach as Qin Hao hurt his back and Amy occupied by another ministry. It was a hot day but the trees and building around the bus stop is always good to provide enough shade. The real tough situation was the general indifference to the gospel particularly by the Mainlanders. Nevertheless, the Spirit still guided us to approach many non-believers from different cultural background. Recap is the Batte Log of Hung.

1) My first approach was to a Mainlander student who show great reluctance to the gospel despite he still listened to it half-heartedly. When the bus came, he refused to take a tract to read. ?????????????????

2) Thanks God I was led to chat with a big guy form Jolin of the North Eastern Country of Chin. ?????we bonded in many aspects of language and culture as he is not Han people group but a Manchurian people, as such we have a very care free chat. ???Then I was able to share the gospel to him which he was delighted to listen and took a tract when the bus arrived.

3) Rejected by an English-speaking lady with the most common excuse of "all good"

4) Approached yet another Filipino old lady but rarely was declined for a chat.

5)Then I approached a pair of Indian sisters who also showed great indifference to gospel but rather carried on with her smart phone texting games.

6) By the mercy of God, I finally hook up with an old lady from Shenyang Liaoning. ?????Surprisingly she was very soft heart and open for gospel and willingly took a tract to read when her bus came. ????????

7) Had a brief encounter with Moses, the friend of Ruth. His focus is still on secular wealth rather than spiritual wealth. Keep praying for him.

8 ) Then God led us to help out a Thailand woman to locate the right bus for her to go to the CBD. Had managed to share the nutshell of gospel to her but only finished half way. Yet she was willing to take a tract to learn about the unfinished part.

9) Then I tried to approach a Mainlander couple ?? who managed to just take a tract from me and declined to listen on the spot. I nevertheless still a share the nutshell and left them with the tract. ????????

10) Then I caught up with a middle age woman from Shanghai who initially showed interest to have a chat. But suddenly after the name of Jesus was mentioned she left me out of the blue. ???????????

11) Thanks God finally I have a previous chat with Victoria who is a cross breed of Korean mum and Romania dad. After I finished sharing the full gospel, she disclosed she is a Christian. But upon testing her assurance of salvation, she failed the test thinking she is not perfect enough yet. I clarified and restored her 100% assurance of salvation which she thanked me for that.

12) Last but not the least, I caught up with a Japanese young man Samoa who was brought to Australia by his Japanese parents for migration at young age as such he is now regarding himself as a fair Dink Kum Australian. He is non-religious, but the Spirit moved him to open up himself to the gospel and appeared very receptive to the redemptive grace of Jesus. He took a tract and also took a selfie with me to show his appreciation for the chat.

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