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Thursday 4 December 2008

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Wet and cold were the themes for the night on Thursday this week and that is exactly how it stayed, thankfully God was kind to us by giving us a short reprieve from the rain while we witnessed. I was joined again by Jim and Sucraj; and we began the night in prayer for the work ahead of us.


There were very few people around as the weather was cold but praise God there was a concert of some form at city hall just across from the war memorial. We were able to give many people tracts as they went to there evening's entertainment. During the interval I preached on the emptiness of Christmas and life at that without peace with God. Many people go through this Christmas season without peace with God and so there festivities become frivolities and the sacred joy of this time degenerates into drunkeness, greed and gluttony.


It being such a cold night not many stopped and few people listened for long. No-one seemed keen to heckle, not supprising with a new location though. After proclaiming the word of eternal life in Christ Jesus our saviour for a period I stepped down and we continued to handout tracts.


After a sort period Jim got up to preach, unfortunately I didn't get to hear what he said as I spotted some young girl's I'd spoken to the previous week. We were able to chat further about their objections and questions (they were interupted last time). During this conversation a group of guys decided to hit on them and so I gave them all tracts and engaged one of them in conversation. This young guy was raised in a Christian home but had so many questions about the faith that he had no answer for. We spoke for some time, often fending of some of his mates who didn't want him seen talking to the wacked out street preacher. It was a great conversation and I hope that we will be able to meet again to talk further. He left with some tracts and I pray some answers.


When I came back to the memorial Jim was engaging some young bible college students regarding the third chapter of Romans and what it says regarding our natural state before God. Sucraj was deep in conversation with an asian man (muslim?). I spotted some people gathered outside one of the local pubs nearby so went to discuss with them. The conversations were short and largely useless, most people were too drunk to speak coherently and so I left tracts with as many as I could.


We ended the night with prayer and went our sepparate ways warmed by the thought of God's word now at work in the hearts of those who had heard. May He use it to save many!





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