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Wednesday 20 December 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday Dec 20th 2023 from 1300-1500

A hot summer day with high noon heat wave, but more so, it was an afternoon of amazing grace bringing blessing to both the gospel targets and the Gospel Team workers of three, namely Johnny, Shu Yi and Hung. The presence of the Spirit was strongly sensed with the manifestation of His overwhelming Mission Power. God moved an led an Aussie migrant woman Emily with mixed blood of Australian, Solomon Island and India to support Shu Yi while she was preaching to an Indian young girl. We all thought Emily was either a friend or relative of that Indian girl but the fact is they are not related. Emily was simply moved by the Spirit to join Shu Yi with silent prayer and she herself was moved to tear when the message of the gospel touch her heart. She actually was also aware of Johnny and Hung. God further moved Emily to greet with Hung and expressed her admiration and appreciation of our street outreach ministry. I was in turn moved to invite her to join us as she work nearby. She got our ministry time between 1300-1500 and promised she will join us as long as on any Wednesday, she is free during that ministry periods. This was really a big blessing and life uplifting and confident boosting divine action to encourage not only Shu Yi but we as well. We all praised and gave glory to God> As for Johnny and Hung, we all got very good and fruit bearing conversation. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung:-

1) My first gospel targets were two girl one from Hong Kong ??and the other from Shandong???it took me a while to realize this and switched back from Cantonese to Mandarin. But I could only manage starting the topic and end up leaving with them the tracts.

2) Then I was led to chat with a lady from Dailin China.????. tp do vocational study here at Tafe. Though she is a non-religious person, but she admitted no one is perfect ???????and she acknowledged that there should be a consequence to hold us responsible for our imperfection of sins. It leads to the conclusion, we human race all need salvation by Jesus. As soon as we reached this contentious, her bus came.

3) Then God moved both Emily and me to catch up after she finished with her engagement with Shu Ji to preach the gospel to an India woman as shared above. I was surprised she noticed me, but she confirmed she saw me sharing gospel with another lady at a distance. It definitely is the manifestation of mission power to draw her to affiliate with us and hopefully will join our gospel outreach team next week.

4) The I chipped into the conversation of three boy that again amazed me that they are cross breed of Vietnamese and Pilipino. They behaved a bit playful, but I still managed to share them the nutshell of the gospel with tract given to them.

5) Then I was greeted by a stranger Chines old lady with a mast. She identified herself as Madam Che ? the member of the CCCB Coopers Plains???. She was simply moved by the spirit to render me and the other two gospel warriors the Support as a sister in Christ. We only chatted for a short while as her movement is restricted because of a lame leg. She needs to get up earlier to catch the incoming bus.

6) Zane is a local Australian who travelled overseas with his mum at the age of 14 for world exposure. He has Christianity influence by his grandfather. Again, it was the work of the Holy Spirit who moved him to stay put skipping several bus to keep chatting with me. Although he confessed, he is not yet a believers, but when I shared the gospel and other related Bible story event, he basically was aware of most of them as such it was pretty effective to reconstruct the Biblical World View and God's mission to the world through the incarnation of Jesus Christ to come and die for us. Apparently, his heart has been softened and prepared to absorb all the teachings that God wants him to know and make an informed decision to accept Jesus as his personal saviour. We took a selfie and I prayed in heart for his imminent last step of action faith to accept Jesus as his personal Saviour,

7) Then I bumped in two MacGregor State school kids. They are both pure and open hearts for the gospel. They also took track to revise for what I shared with them.

8 ) Then I was led to approach yet another Mainland China ?? Male. Surprisingly, he was also very open and receptive to the gospel. Since I could manage to share the nutshell of the gospel, he voluntarily took tract to read and ponder on the issue of Sin I stress him to reflect.

9) Last but not the least I caught up with Mia an Indonesian lady from Jakarta. She is a tradition Muslim following the dressing code for a Muslim woman in the public. But she did not shy away from chatting with a stranger male. She has totally not disagreement to the gospel shared, but when asked if there is similar kind of message related to forgiveness of sin. She thought there is but could not be sure which proved by the explanation of Siddique in the past few days that very little Muslim really read and understand the Bible. At least there was no sign of hatred of Chrisitan and Jesus but an open mind to listen to the Bible.

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