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Tuesday 13 February 2024

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday February 6th, 2024 from 1330 – 1500

Thanked God that the weather turned much cooler without the radiating heat. Winnie still could join me today but not next week Feb 20 while Johnny will come back only after Feb 24. But we thanks God for every opportunity that we can serve with God as well as serving as a team. As usual, it was a fruitful outreach effort as ordained and empowered by God. We may encounter rejection from time to time. But if our meagre effort to preach the gospel to a non-believer for the first time sowing the seed, our reward in the heaven will be great. We do thanks God for the privilege being blessed be a blessing.

1) Aussie young girl volunteered to take photo for us when she saw we did the selfie. I took this chance to compliment her as a very good person but still need Jesus and asked her to read the "Are You A Good Person Tract."

2) My first approach was an Aussie lady at the bus stop. She was nice to respond to my catching up brief chat but eventually she declined my invitation to have a chat with the excuse of being busy in texting but perhaps the underlying reason was that she was not interested.

3) Next, I was led to catch up with an Australia Born Indian who is doing Engineering at UQ. Both himself and his parents were born her in Brisbane. So they are not that bounded by their traditional Hindu faith but rather comparatively open to the gospel which he found no loophole to query. I promised to pray for him and if he has any query, I suggested him to join Power to Change in the UQ campus which he agreed.

4) Then I was led to approach Zheng ?from Shandong??, China. He comes to study nursing ?? which shows he has plan to stay in Australia as male nurse is not popular in Mainland China. He also disclosed he has been Christian since young back in China????. Their family belong to a certain house church branch ??????and he is now attending CCCB- St Lucia????I thus switched to test his assurance of salvation which he failed to have 100% certainty. After my clarification, he thanked and promised he will pursue to know God and the gospel better through Bible study and attending the ACTIVITY OF POWER TO CHANGE. He felt comfortable to take a self fie with me.

5) The I was led to approach Chen who is from Nanjing and came to do high school study at the Gold Coast. And now he is admitted to do medical study at UQ. He admitted it was the first time he heard the gospel and he also could not find any fault or query about the gospel and admitted that every one need salvation from eternal death punishment of sin. I also advised him to join Power to Change for pursuance of God and the salvation accepting Jesus as his Savior.

6) Then I caught up with a HongKonger who came just for a few weeks to do speech therapy. ??????. He seemingly is a non-believer despite he has Christian relatives and friends. He anyway still listened to the full gospel and promised to pursue and contact Power to Change.

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Toowong Team (QLD)

Meets 1:30-3pm every Tuesday afternoon at the Toowong train station on the 2nd floor and splits into two teams, one at the main entrance of Toowong Tower on Sherwood Road, another at the foot of the pedestrian bridge across Benson Street.

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