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Wednesday 14 February 2024

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday February 14th, 2024 from 1300-1500

Today we had Ann, friend of CFC, Amy and Hung gospel outreach duet of CFC teaming up to serve at Sunnybank. The people flow seemingly was less than normal, but grace of God was abundantly sufficient for us to be a witness for me to people of all nations. I had comparatively long chat today with people who shared some of my life moments. It gave them a more 3 D view of the dramatical changed of my life because of the gospel. The chat with a Singaporean young man ended up a surprised gift of red rose to me which I made it a Valentine gift for my wife. She never received any fresh flower from me just some artificial flower for display. It was undoubtedly a disguised blessing from God to His humble servant. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung:

1) I was led to approach Lin ?from Taipei?? who is a student of the James Cook University in Brisbane majoring in IT. He chose James Cook because he has got a Scholarship. He is non-religious but appeared very open for Gospel and could not found any argument in the gospel message. May God keep guiding him to pursue this Christian faith and be converted in His time.

2) Then I was led to catch up with Adam from Turkey on a working holiday visa. Adam was overjoyed to find out I am a fan of his country having spent 16 days all over many places of his country. Surprisingly, he is also a secularized Muslim or he simply does not regard Islamic as his religion though he still remains to be religious or God-fearing person. So, he appeared very open to the gospel at least will not turn away when Jeus was mentioned. Above all he took a tract and pray that God will touch his heart and move him to seek for salvation through Christ.

3) Daniel is a Singaporean coming to live in Australia since the age of three, so he regards himself a fair dinkum Australian (I also taught him Dinkum is Cantonese of Real Gold) He claimed himself a Chrisitan so I test his assurance of salvation which he only got 80% despite he knows he is saved by grace through faith of Jesus' redemptive work dying for all of us on the cross to take our place for eternal death punishment. The reason why so many Christians are not sure of their status having been changed to the people of God readily the moment they accepted Jesus as their Saviour, is that the substance of our life is yet to be changed. But because of the guarantee provided by Jesus, God will for sure transformed us back to perfection by the work of the Holy Spirit. Anyhow, Daniel was so moved for my explanation of God's love for us that he offered me a Valentine rose. I thanked him and mentioned that it would be presented to my wife as a valentine gift which I have never done before apart from some artificial flower for home display. This is really a surprised gift of God as an award for my faithful day in day out gospel proclamation service to witness for His love and glory.

4) Finally God led me to connect with Mr Wu? from Guangzhou, Panyu, ???? China coming here with his family for tourism. He was there waiting for his wife to do shopping as such I have a long half an hour chat with him. Because we are of similar age and lived once in a near culture geographical location, ??????I was inspired by God to share my testimony of salvation and how my life was completely changed the moment I received Christ after 40 years of searching in the wilderness like the Israelites people. He did not react like majority if the mainlander Chinese being oversensitively fear of talking about religion. He gracefully thanks for my sharing and the time we had after his family came back for him. Pray that the tract he took will serve the purpose to lead him a step closer to eventual salvation.

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