Battle Log

Friday 12 December 2008

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In true Yorkshire style this week it was dark and wet and some how managed to be below zero and yet still be raining rather than snowing. Jim, Carl and Jemma joined me for the night and many others prayed for us through the night. There were construction work going on in the square we normally witness, this was causing a lot of noise and when added to the wind it was a rough night for witnessing.

Our little band gathered together to pray to the Lord God and plead for the lost (and also for the weather). We then went to it with tracts and before long we were running short, Jemma and Carl are both excellent at getting gospel literature into the hands of others. A couple of atheists stopped to quiz them about what we were doing. Unfortunately they couldn't stay to talk as they were going to a concert but promised that they would come and see us another week.

After much looking around we found a spot in the square where there was not too much noise and enough people to preach and set up under a tree on the corner. I preached first, not many wanted to stop and heckle but encouragingly there were quite a few who stood nearby and listened to what was said. I was particularly encouraged by one gentleman who nodded and gave the thumbs up as I affirmed the need people have to trust in Jesus alone for salvation.

Jim also got up to preach after I had and likewise struggled to get a heckler, after a period a lady did stop to have a heckle. Unfortunately she was very drunk and would only keep repeating “where is your evidence?”, and then not listen to the explanations Jim tried to give. After a period she left and Jim closed his message.

Everyone was now frozen to the core and very much needing to go home, so we prayed together (in particular for the drunk lady) and headed for home. In these dark times when it is easy to be discouraged we look to our saviour who for the joy that was set before Him endured more than we ever will and scorned any shame. May we think like Him and run our course in this world with joy knowing in every battle that the Lord is the one who will conquer our every enemy!


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