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Friday 30 January 2009

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We were a smaller team this week with Jim and Sucraj both away unwell but we had the encouragement of Nikki joining us for the week. There was a fair number of people in the square so after beginning with prayer we started to hand out tracts.

Many people in this country will take a tract when they will not stop and talk to you. It is always encouraging to see people reading tracts when they take them but sometimes I almost laugh aloud for joy as I see a group of people gathered around on friend as they walk reading aloud the gospel!

It was very cold this week and as such not many people were stopping to talk but one couple of young ladies stopped and spoke with Nikki and I. One of them was very hard in her sin but the other was more receptive, we struggled to give them the gospel but the constant distraction of the night's partying was drawing them away. After a short period a middle aged atheist came over and proceed to insult and patronise both of us and refused to even enter discussion (all the while claiming to be the rational and reasonable one!). At this the girls left and we talked for a period over what had happened and then got back to it.

During this time Carl and Gemma had arrived and where at their normal busy pace of giving tracts to everything that moved. Those two are machines at tracting! When Nikki and I finished talking she had to head off due to the cold and as the other two were busy I set up to preach.

This week I preached regarding the jokes and laughter that Hell often inspires in people today. With my heart grieved to see them so deceived I gave the sobering truth of the judgement to come and the eternal hell that is deserved by all those who sin. Then pleading that people would turn away from eternal death and destruction I pointed to my great saviour and Lord, Jesus Christ. Not many were stopping and fewer still were heckling, cold or indifferent? I just pray that they will remember whatever they hear and that God will use it to bring them to faith.

We ended the night with prayer and headed home. Praise God for the encouragements we receive!


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