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Friday 20 February 2009

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With many people struck down with flu it was just Sukhraj and I tonight. We have moved away from the memorial to the upper part of barker's pool to be closer to the constant stream of pub traffic. There were two sets of very frightening swinging rides in the square tonight and while they made a fair bit of noise they also drew in people and gave us many opportunities to witness. We gave out many tracts tonight and I was almost running out by the time we left.

Within moments of Sukhraj arriving he was in conversation about our saviour with some of the locals waiting for the rides in the square, I was also occupied with some of the local night-club reps that were willing to talk with me for a short period. Unfortunately I could not talk with them for long as they were at work and not meant to be socialising.

We set up to preach to the passing human traffic and I felt very rusty as I started (worse when I finished!). I preached on the question of how can God be good (or even be) when there is so much suffering, using the plight of those in the fires of south Australia as my spring board. During the preaching I had a couple of hecklers (uncommon for a cold Sheffield night). There was a group of young men who wanted some evidence for God and were willing to talk but had to leave shortly after arriving. I pray that they take on some of what I said and would come back as they promised in the future to talk further. The second was a very frustrating and angry lady who wanted likewise to know what reason we have for belief as Christians but then would interrupt and then claim that no reasons were given. I tried to reason with her but I think it was easier for her to right us off as fundamentalist nutters rather than actually hear why we believe.

Next up was Andy and Tom and their friends, I was able to engage them on the level of Andy being good and we went through the good person test. The conversation was very easy going and they were willing to listen through out and took tracts afterwards. Praise God that He opened their ears to listen even that little amount, may He use it to His Glory. After this I wrapped up as my throat was very sore.

Sukhraj then spoke on the thirst that we all have and the need of our souls for peace and rest that comes only through a relationship with God through Christ Jesus. Using the pointless entertainments of a night out Sukhraj emphasised excellently the need we have meaning. Only a couple of people stopped to heckle but would not stay for long so Sukhraj expounded the gospel clearly and called people to repent and turn to Jesus in trust and faith.

Tired but happy with the night we prayed together and called it a night. Pray with us that God will save the lost souls of Sheffield.

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