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Friday 6 March 2009

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Jim and I met at the top of barkers pool for witnessing this week and spent some time catching up as we'd not seen each other for some time. It is so good to have genuine fellowship sharing what is happening with each other's lives.

We prayed also and then I set up to preach as Jim was going to have to leave early in the night. Tonight my passage that I spoke from was Ecclesiastes Chapter 1 and expounding Solomon's thoughts on the meaninglessness of life I spoke on the life that most live in the world. Most in this world focus their energy on getting one of three things really: money, pleasure, or power/reputation. The heart of my message was that these things will ultimately fail to satisfy us and will pall long before the death which cuts them short. The heart of man will never be satisfied with the blind and deaf idols of this world and as Augustine said so rightly "we are restless until our hearts find their rest in Him".

While many people stopped to scoff and then pass there was a group of young men that passed by and stopped to talk with me at length. Martin and his three friends were catholic and Muslim (two of each), I began by talking with Martin and we did the good test but Martin still thought he was going to heaven. He thought that he would be justified by his good works and also by the fact that God is merciful, I answered this with the justice of God revealed failingly in the justice of man. Good deeds don't release the criminal from punishment in a human court, likewise God the good judge of all the world will make sure that justice is done.

There followed a series of almost standard questions that non-Christians ask and so we discussed the existence of God, the validity of the bible and in the case of the Muslim folk the qu'ran and Muhammad. Very briefly I gave them an apologetic on each and then it was time for them to leave. They left thanking us for talking with them and I made sure there were tracts in every hand.

Shortly following this Andy and Tom and Co all rolled up and wanted to know what the noise was all about. I asked Andy if he was good enough to get into heaven and from there we discussed the law of God and the gospel. They listened while I spoke and asked questions, it is a rare privilege to have two groups that will allow you to answer questions and speak to them without interrupting and trying to talk over you. Praise God not that they didn't interrupt me but rather that they listened to the gospel! They left with tracts in hand and smiles on faces.

With this I handed out a couple more tracts and then left for the night, rejoicing that these had heard the gospel and praying God would use tonight to good ends.


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