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Friday 13 March 2009

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This week it was just the Lord and I to witness together to the great and glorious things that He has done. Thank you to all who have supported me in prayer this week, your support and loving appeals for my work to God.

I began in prayer as I drove to central Sheffield and pleaded with God for the city until reaching Barker's Pool, the large square in front of city hall. I handed out tracts for 20 minutes until I was sure that no-one was going to join me at the last minute. During this time I spoke with Simon Peter regarding the faith he had been taught but had since neglected. Simon was out for a night of lust and endulging the passion of his eyes. I spoke with him at length regarding God, His righteousness justice and salvation of hell deserving sinners. Simon listened and was very easy going but at the same time was utterly uninterested in changing his ways so warning him one final time and giving him some tracts to think on we parted ways. I pray that you would save this young man Lord God and turn him from sin and destruction to love You and follow closely Jesus Christ, the way the truth and the life.

I set up to preach and preached on the most "unlucky" theory ever to cross the mind of sinful man, naturalistic evolution. I preached for some time and no-one was stopping so I urged the passing crowd to consider their maker and his just condemnation of our sin. I pleaded that they would not continue to walk towards the abyss of eternity in hell under His judgement and wrath. Just as I was considering packing in the preaching (sore voice) a group of young sceptics arrived and a rapid fire debate ensued.

These young men hold that evolution is true and that Charles Darwin was a genius of the highest rank. I engaged them on the theory of evolution and tried to answer their questions. Space does not allow to discuss all that was said but the debate went along these lines.

The sceptics asked if I believe evolution to be true, I replied no that the theory was flawed. What about the mountains of evidence they asked, I replied by asking for an example of a transitional form, no answer. I said that the presence of impossible forms mean that evolution likewise is impossible. Partially described why birds are an example of impossible forms, was interrupted by shouts of this is possible by slow mutations, I retorted that it doesn't matter how small the change made to the lungs the new species would still die and not breed. But what about all the fossils they asked, excellent evidence of a catastrophic worldwide flood I replied. Couldn't it be evolution's evidence also they asked, not according the the gas diffusion dating of the rocks at the bottom of the geological column (approx 6000-10000yrs worth of helium in precambrian zircons) and not according to the fragmented evolutionary "tree" which looks more like a bunch of twigs!

This discussion went on in this vein for some time and part of the group left and only Dave and Antony remained to talk. These two fellows were willing to listen and so I urged them to consider what God has done and the gospel of salvation through Christ Jesus my Lord. They stayed for a while and were very thoughtful when they left. Pray that God will change their hearts and save them.

As my throat was sore and the night was wearing on I left for home and bed, tired but thankful of the opportunity our Lord gave me tonight.

Praise Him!

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