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Friday 15 May 2009

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London outreach teamThe night began with some great fellowship at Café Nero. The rain was really coming down and so we were unsure as to whether we would be able to minister in the Square. We decided that we would stay in the café and fellowship together, and should the weather clear up we would make our way to the Square. To the right is a photo of us together. Some new faces!

The weather did eventually clear up so we made our way to the Square. After arriving we set up and I got ready to preach. The pictures below show the team all ready for some outreach! (I'm giving a few pointers here and there...)

London street team preparing Rob giving few tips to London team

During my preach a crowd gathered despite the poor weather. At one point a young couple began to heckle me. They wanted to know what was "so special" about me that I had the right to stand up and point out faults in others. I explained that I too was a sinner and that I simply wanted to help people understand that God's judgment would come upon them unless they repented and believed the gospel. I took them through the moral law and showed them that they were sinners just like everyone else. The young lady went on to explain that she still considered herself a good person and she pointed out relief work that she had done in Africa. She was promoting her self-righteousness and so I had to keep pointing out to her that even though it was quite likely she was far better than some people, it was God's standard she had failed. She wouldn't have it though, particularly the notion that she was a bad person. Before she turned to leave she insisted that she was actually a Christian. I could not see how this could be as it was clearly obvious she trusted in her own self-righteousness and not in Christ. It was hard to see this and as we spoke about it later we realised that we simply had to pray that God would humble her so that she would trust in Christ. I never got their names, but do pray for them both. The picture below has an arrow pointing to them.

Rob preaching

Crowd gathers as Rob preaches

Crowd listening to Rob

Rob preaching in London

After I finished preaching open-air the whole team got involved in one-to-one conversations. It was really wonderful to see. The open-air and the one-to-ones worked perfectly. It was great!

Susi and Rowina getting tract ready!

Katie, James and Raymond in a one-to-one conversation.

Katie, James and Raymond in a one-to-one conversation

Michael and Harriet (on his right) in a one-to-one conversation.

Michael and Harriet (on his right) in a one-to-one conversation

All in all it was a great night! Below is a group photo of us all in the Square.

Group Photo

It was truly wonderful to have such an enthused team. May the Lord continue to add workers to the harvest!!

Soli Deo Gloria!

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