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Saturday 27 June 2009

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Blake, Andre and I made our way down to Surfers Paradise on a day where it had been periodically raining throughout the morning. So once we arrived, there wasn't too many people about, even though it was the first day of school holidays. But it was clearing up, so we firstly prayed and read the Bible together, then Andre stood up to preach. He wasn't feeling well, but he knew that as soon as he started preaching, he would feel much better. So Andre faithfully proclaimed the good news of the gospel after speaking about how temporal this life is, evidenced again by the recent deaths of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett just the day before. So he urged that those listening should think about where they will go for the Day of Judgment is definitely coming.

After Andre stood down, we decided to have a bite to eat because it still wasn't very busy on the esplande. After returning, the sun was out and so both Blake and I had a turn to preach. God graciously drew in a crowd to listen to the message being preached. Afterwards, we also spoke to many people - warning them of the coming judgment and how to be saved from the wrath of God by trusting that the loving sacrifice of Jesus on the cross paid for all their sins. Reactions varied, with some people blatently admitting they wanted to rather keep on sinning, while others were genuinely concerned and were very appreiative of the message. Please pray that God converts them.

To God be the glory!

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