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Saturday 4 July 2009

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It was very busy down at Surfers Paradise today, and so Joel and I were excited that we once again had the privilege of sharing the gospel with those who don't know the Lord. After praying together, I stood up to preach. A number of people stopped to listen but there wasn't any hecklers.

I got into a conversation with two Jehovah's Witnesses, and when responding to the question I asked them about whether they thought they were going to Heaven, they said, "No, because we're not part of the 144,000 and so we'll simply live on Earth forever". I pointed out that in Revelation, it mentions that the 144,000 are male virgins (Rev 14:4), so I asked, "Will only 144,000 male virgins go to Heaven?" They said that that is symbolic language. So I asked them, "If that is symbolic, why can't the number too be symbolic?" One of them responded by saying that numbers are never symbolic in Revelation. So I pointed to Revelation 17:12 where it talks about ten kings who will reign for one hour and I asked them whether they thought that was symbolic. They said it was, even though it's a number. They saw their double standard and proceeded to say that they are sure that the scholars of the Watchtower Society have got it all sorted regarding this issue.

So I then asked them what they think of Jesus. They said He is simply Michael the Archangel, and not God. So I brought them to Hebrews 1 where it makes the comparison between Jesus and the angels. In verses 7 and 8 it says:

'Of the angels he says, “He makes his angels winds, and his ministers a flame of fire.”
But of the Son he says, “Your throne, O God, is forever and ever...”'

They then tried to argue that that is not what it says in their New World Translation (NWT). However, since neither I nor them had a copy of that translation with us, we were unable to verify that point. After looking it up later, I can say that Heb. 1:8 is changed in the NWT to say: 'But with reference to the Son: “God is your throne forever and ever...”' However, the whole chapter still makes the comparison between Jesus and the angels even in the NWT, like: "So he has become better than the angels" (Hebrews 1:4 - NWT).

I challenged the JW's to research and check to see if what they are believing is true, because otherwise they are still in their sins.

Many other great witnessing encounters were had throughout the day, and Blake even arrived to join us at one stage. However he came 5 minutes before we were scheduled to leave, as there had been shocking traffic on the way for him.

The gospel was proclaimed today, so to God be the glory!

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