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Saturday 11 July 2009

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After praying together, Josh, Witali and his two German friends, and I started handing out gospel tracts and getting in conversations with people. Josh and I did some preaching, and a number of people listened but there wasn't any hecklers.

While Josh was preaching, I got into a conversation with two Mormons. When I asked them why they believe the Book of Mormon is from God, they tried to argue from the reference of two sticks in Ezekiel. They said that the stick of Judah is Israel and the stick of Ephraim is the Americas. I asked them what evidence they had to interpret the 'two sticks' that way. They couldn't say a thing, and so I point out that Ezekiel wouldn't have even known that the Americas existed, so I don't see how could he be referring to that. I then asked them about Heaven and Hell, and they said that only adulterers and murderers will go to Hell. But if that's true, why then do we need the cross if most of us have never committed such acts?

At this point in time, Josh joined the conversation and we were asking them how many God(s) they think exist. They said one, however in the very next breath, they said that Jesus is another God besides Elohim. Josh also pointed out that the Mormon doctrine is that there was a council of gods in the beginning, and that Mormons can become gods one day. They didn't expect us to have knowledge about Mormonism and couldn't refute the seeming contradiction between how many gods they actually are. They proceeded to say, "Well it doesn't really matter, we'll find out who is right on Judgment Day." So Josh reminded them, that by then, it will be too late and if they are believing in the wrong god, it will make them end up in Hell. One of them really didn't like hearing this and so stormed off. But the other one stayed around for a bit longer, but it was clear that he didn't really want to keep discussing with us.

There were also about six Hare Krishna's about spreading their religion. It seems as though their method is to place a book in your hands and say it's a free book. But then they say, "We appreciate a donation for it though." And if you don't give at least $10, they'll take the book off you. So it's not really free then.

A number of us had rather long discussions with them, and they tried to claim that they believe in Jesus. So we pointed out that Jesus said that He's God and the only way to Heaven, and by that He's saying even Hare Krishna-ism is wrong. So I asked, do you believe in that Jesus? They said no. So I left them with a challenge to investigate to see if either Hare Krishna-ism is correct, or Jesus is correct; they both cannot be correct at the same time. And I also shared the gospel with them.

It was another great day of witnessing, to God be the glory!

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