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Friday 28 May 2010

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We met at cafe nero as usual on Friday 28th May. My fellow evangelists included - Rebecca, Bobby, Wesley, Michael and Andrew, a friend of Michael, which made a total of 6 people including myself. After prayer we made our way to Leicester Square only to find some break dancers occupying our regular preaching spot. Rather than harass them to move, we all took tracks and began distributing them amongst the pedestrians. I had a number of conversations, firstly with a Chilean gentleman named Alex. He said He held “traditional Christian” beliefs, which upon further investigation were Catholic ideals. He also believed Hell was what we experienced on earth rather than a place of eternal punishment. We talked about the Law of God and the righteous requirements of the Law and I showed him some passages from the Bible that spoke of the reality of Hell as a place of conscience torment for law breaking humanity. The Gospel was understood a lot clearer in the context of sin, death and righteousness. I encouraged him to read his Bible and give our discussion some serious thought.

Rebekka witnessing

By this time the break dancers had moved on and I was intending to preach when I entered straight into another conversation with a regular philosopher that talks with us, a young gentleman named Constantine. We talked a lot about the world-views we both held respectively and how the non believers worldview cannot account for any of the preconditions of intelligibility that made human experience meaningful. His inconsistency was demonstrated by saying He cannot be sure anything is real and then going to work (as a medical doctor) and treating his patients as real living human beings that have thoughts and feelings, desire love, respect and dignity. We then began to discuss various “scientific” evidences and the fact that evidence is always interpreted through a world-view. i.e. “the facts DO NOT speak for themselves!” We ended the conversation on very friendly terms and he took a booklet on evidences for a young earth. I pray that God will grant him repentance!

Wesley witnessing

Wesley spoke with a young man named Isaac. Isaac said He was an atheist but found the Law of God pressing on his conscience during the conversation. Wesley was able to explain the Gospel, with Isaac agreeing that it made a lot of sense. The evening was a success by simple reason of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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