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Saturday 25 August 2012

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It was a beautiful sunny day as I made my way into Civic. There was a gentle breeze, but nothing overly concerning, however, there was a chill in the air. It was around 12:30pm when I arrived in Garema Place, and I was soon met by Ben and two other people who were out witnessing. Our plan for the day had been to preach to the lunch time crowds, however, we found that members from the Australian Communist Party and Socialist Alliance had taken over our normal preaching spot with the intention of holding an anti-government rally. 

Knowing full well that we couldn’t compete with the crowd we decided to instead infiltrate the crowd with the Gospel. At the side of the rally I set up our new Scripture sign so that all those who were at the rally or walking past would be able to read God’s Word, and from that point I was able to hand out some of our “Stop” tracts. Since the crowd was calling for the government to “STOP” these tracts went down like a treat. 

During the rally I was approached by a black man, he stopped and asked me to explain my Scripture sign. I informed him that this was a verse from God’s Word, and it told us why we need the Saviour. He said that he was a Christian from South Sudan and he’d never heard of John 3:16 before. I asked Rtuk to explain his background and as he did I found the reason he’d never heard God’s Word before. It turns out that Rtuk was not a Christian, but rather a strict Roman Catholic who did everything that his priest told him. I was able to share the message of salvation with Rtuk and he took a tract that shows the errors of the Papist religion. 

By now the rally was beginning to finish up, so I made my way to our normal preaching spot and set up the Scripture sign right in the middle of the dispersing crowd. It was during this time that I noticed Ben was looked in a good discussion with a lady from the rally. 

When the Communists had finished packing up, I opened my Bible and began to preach. Since I am apart of the Challenge 66 program, I decided to preach the Gospel from the book of Exodus. I looked at the judgement of God upon the Egyptians, and then the Passover Lamb. From there I was able to relate that to today, and how because of our sin we deserve judgement, but Jesus Christ is the Lamb of God which takes away the sin of the world. 

After I finished preaching Ben stood and began to preach. He related the Biblical account of John 6, and preached on how we must partake of Christ. As he preached a few people stopped to listen, but overall Garema Place was quiet. 

Once Ben finished preaching we began to read out the Scripture. While we were doing this other members of the team showed up and they began to walk around handing out tracts and engaging people in one to one conversations. 

I finished off the day by reading Romans 5, and then preaching a message about how to have peace with God. 

Overall the day was good, a few people got to hear the Gospel and receive tracts. Please keep them in prayer. 

You can listen to an audio of my open-air below:

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