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Tuesday 27 August 2013

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Today I met with Ryan, Justin and Bek at Aussie World and then travelled on to Nambour to share the Gospel. When we arrived we spent time in prayer, thanking God especially for the privilege to be able to preach His glorious gospel to the people of Nambour on such a beautiful day. We prayed especially for wisdom and strength and that the Lord would lead us into many conversations. 

I started preaching as soon as we arrived. I could not wait to share the message of salvation through Jesus Christ and Him alone. I read from Acts 17; 22,31. I talked about how God had created our world and everything in it, I told the people God was not unknown but know to all of us, I told them that it was God that had given us the very breath in our lungs and the blood in our veins and our skin which felt the warmth of His sun and eyes that saw His handiwork in the glory of creation. I went on to explain that because we knew God but did not honor Him, we had made idols of ourselves, we put ourselves before our very creator, the living God.

I went on to tell the people that the times of ignorance God had overlooked but now he commanded  all people everywhere to repent, because he has fixed a day in which he will judge the world in righteousness, by a man who He appointed, and to give His assurance of this He raised him from the dead. I explained that we had all fallen short of the glory of God, we all deserved Gods wrath and just punishment.

I begged with the people to put their trust in Jesus Christ and to repent. I told them the only way we could stand before a righteous and holy God on Judgement day was to repent and to believe Jesus Christ, to put our trust in Him and Him alone. Only Jesus Christ offers us the free gift of Salvation.  I felt so emotional and I thanked God as I finished sharing His Gospel. 

I then joined Justin passing out tracts and getting involved in conversations with passers by while Ryan preached. I soon got involved in a conversation with an elderly lady who was lovely to talk to, she seemed a bit shocked as I explained the law, but soon after, made a profession of faith and promised to repent and to live a life pleasing to God. Please pray for Silvia. 

Justin was engaged in a marathon conversation with a young lady, they both were sitting on a bench talking as a council officer arrived.  

Ryan continued to preach, not at all put off by his presence. It seems the council are still upset that we are using amplification during our authorized public assembly, although it is lawful for us to do so. They are also upset that we are handing out tracts which they believe to be "touting for business". The officer gave me a compliance notice for using an amplifier while I was preaching earlier and one to stop me from handing out Christian tracts. Ryan continued to preach. The officer wanted to stop the preaching and talk to Ryan, the officer really doesn't understand that he is acting unlawfully whist trying to do this, so  Ryan continued to preach as under our public assembly he is entitled to do so with out interruption. Because the council officer did not know this law and just thought Ryan was being difficult, he decided to waste the local Police forces resources again.

The police arrived. They talked to me and then stopped Ryan preaching. Ryan also was then given compliance orders by the council officer to stop using amplification and handing out tracts.  Justin also received a notice to stop passing out tracts. The compliance orders told us if we continued our activities we will be issued with $550 fines for each individual matter. We again continued for the rest of the afternoon preaching and passing out Christian gospel tracts with no fines being issued or any more visits from police or council.

We did fully expect to be given fines as the council are clearly unfamiliar with our rights to meet under the peaceful assemblies act, to use amplification and to practice our religious and political freedoms in Australia, so it seems we will be accepting fines and going to court if that is their wish. Please pray for the council that they will come to know the truth and also for the rights of Christians to legally share the gospel freely in Australia.

After lunch Justin preached “on the box” or stoop as it was today, followed by myself again. Many people stopped to listen, some would comment positively and some would vocally reject the message. We were greatly encouraged also as several Christians stopped to tell us to keep it up!  We all gave out many tracts and got into many conversations, some fruitful and some not.

A few people over the course of the day gave professions of faith and said they would repent and pray for forgiveness. Please pray for them especially, but please also pray for those today that received tracts and heard the gospel, may they come to know our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and put their trust in Him and Him alone.  

We really could do with more laborers in Nambour so please consider joining the team, If you could help us we would love to hear from you.  Please may I also ask that you pray earnestly that the Lord will provide laborers for the harvest.

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