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Thursday 13 November 2014

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Praise God for another great outreach at Sunnybank today.

One of the good conversations we had was with a young man who is in high school named Aditya. He said he doesn't believe in God and never has. 

After a quick apologetic of pointing to the creation (which shows to us there is a creator), he realised that God does exist. And as we going through the law and speaking about the judgment to come, he thought that if he simply stops his sin that will get him into Heaven. I pointed out that stopping his sin won't get rid of the history of it. I then explained he needed a perfect substitute who could take his punishment for him, Jesus.

After explaining about faith in Christ and the subsequent desire to turn from sin and live for Jesus, he said "I want to do that now". I asked a few checking questions to make sure he understood grace - that there is no amount of works he could do to save himself. He did understand. He did not have a Bible so I gave him one and he said he would start reading it everyday.

He closed with "No one has ever explained it that way before. Thank you so much."

Please pray for him.



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