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Friday 21 November 2014

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On Friday night the team was out in Leicester Square, excited and eager to tell people about Jesus. We were six strong, which is a good number :-) — Rob, Gemma, Kwadwo, Glen, Graham and Megan. Graham and Megan were with us for the first time.

We met first of all in Caffé Nero for a time of Bible study and preparation. This is always a great thing to do and it really does help. Arriving in the square I stepped up to preach. It wasn't long before we had quite a crowd. There were a number of hecklers in the crowd, which was really good, as that really does bring in a crowd. One particular gentleman felt very strongly that we do not need God to make sense of this world, particaliry when it comes to the area of morality. I reasoned with him and pointed out that if we do not have an ultimate standard we are left short every time. He pointed out that morality evolves over time, and this is how we deal with different ethical situations. I showed him where his logic will lead by asking him if he would be prepared to say that it is possible that paedophilia, which is considered immoral today, could be considered moral in the future, since he believed that morality changes. Astonishingly, he said yes! But I do believe the crowd saw my point!!

I spent a great deal of time dealing with objections from the crowd, and answering different questions. However, I was very keen to steer the conversation towards the cross. Sometimes this can be difficult when you are being bombarded continuously. Thankfully, I was able to do this. The following LINK picks up my message towards the end, when I was able to address a young couple in the crowd and point them to the gospel before they left.

Here are two short reports from Gemma and Kwadwo, respectively...

Gemma: On Friday night Kwadwo and I spoke with a young couple Callum and Christine. They were very eager to wait around after the preach to discuss what had been said.  Callum explained how there were so many different ideas about God that it was difficult to know the truth. We explained how the very definition of truth means there can only be one and we explained how Christianity is different from religion as we know we cannot reach the standard, but that God makes us good enough through the ultimate standard Jesus Christ. We explained the wonder of grace and how anyone who calls on the name of the Lord can be saved. They were very eager to hear about creation and Noah's ark and the flood which Kwadwo talked to them about. Callum explained that he had lost his brother and I was able to share a little of my testimony with him.

Kwadwo: Gemma and I were able to have a very good and cooperative conversation with (what we assumed was) a young couple made up of Callum and Christine. They had heard a lot of the open air preaching and waited after to talk to someone. Callum started by asking about how we know that the God we believe is true when there are thousands of other gods worshipped. When we got past that they seemed a lot more open, and asked questions that lead to explaining just how radical grace is and they acknowledged that good works would be like bribing God, which isn't right.

Soli Deo Gloria!!

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