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Thursday 19 February 2015

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Sunnybank bus stopEven though it was raining on Thursday, the gospel still went out in Sunnybank.

A Mormon missionary who Col has been speaking to in recent weeks, I got to speak to. He's from China and says he is on mission as a Mormon to find out what the truth is. He's not sure which religion is true, and he is thinking that all religions lead to the same God. I explained how logically that doesn't make sense.

After explaining the gospel to him, one of the other Mormon missionaries came up to me asking mocking questions about the God of the Bible, like "So your God can do whatever He likes, can He? That's crazy." I responded by quoting Psalm 115:3 - "Our God is in the heavens; he does all that he pleases."

After this occurred, I continued talking with the Chinese Mormon missionary and he said, "I actually think you might have the truth, because even when some of the other missionaries say mocking things to you, you don't get angry; you stay very calm. I am going to think about what you said." Please pray for him.

Please also pray for:

• Runya - Arabic speaker, gave gospel of John

• Conrad & Linden - go to a catholic school, not prepared to turn from their sin. Listened to whole message.

• Faria - thought good person, came to understand gospel.

• Thomas & Julian - Thomas Mum is Buddhist, unsure which religion is true, going to think about it seriously.

Photo: One of the bus stops that we witness at in Sunnybank.


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