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Friday 27 March 2015

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Evangelism this past Friday was a blessing. Katherine joined us for a second time and we also had a new visitor, Soko. The rest of the team included Kofi, Kwadwo, Steven, and myself. 

After enjoying a good time of Bible study and fellowship in Caffé Nero, we headed out. When we reached the square we found it to be quite noisy. A lot of buskers were out using amplification. There is a by-law in Leicester Square which says amplification is not allowed to be used after 9:00pm (we normally start around 8:00pm) and so as a team we have decided not to use it. Unfortunately, there are some buskers who ignore this by-law and continue using amplification after 9:00pm.

There’s not a lot you can do about it when they choose to do this. Sometimes the council comes down on them, but often they do nothing. However, this doesn’t happen all the time, and so it’s not too big a deal. As it so happened I was suffering with a cold last week and so in the end we didn’t do any open-air preaching. However, everyone on the team got stuck in handing out tracts and engaging people in conversation. 

I had an interesting conversation with a girl called Chloe. It was interesting because it was clear that she has spent some time formulating in her mind where she chooses to stand from a worldview perspective. She identified herself as a relativist and contested strongly the existence of absolutes. Curiously, she is willing to acknowledge the need for an ultimate standard (of whom I put forward the Christian God as the only rational, consistent truth), especially when we ask the question as to why anything is wrong.

However, how can there be an ultimate standard if there are no absolutes? In other worlds, how can we be measured against an ultimate standard if the laws which flow from this standard are not absolute? This is something Chloe could not answer, and yet she remained resolute in her denial of moral absolutes. I informed her as graciously as I could that she was being philosophically inconsistent in her reasoning, and I’m grateful that she received this without taking offence. We parted company on good terms, which was pleasing.

Of course, my aim is always to bring a person to the cross, but sometimes it is not always possible to discuss the gospel in depth. However, I was encouraged that I was able to argue for the one, true God, and that Chloe was made to see that without Him, life is ultimately meaningless. 

The rest of the team had some good conversations too. Katherine is doing very well and enjoying being out with us, and Soko really got stuck in on her first night. I have to say that I always find it such an encouragement to see brothers and sisters from different churches coming together for the cause of the gospel. It’s such a blessing! Our God is such an awesome God, there truly is none like Him. 

Soli Deo Gloria!

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