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Thursday 4 June 2015

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Wow. It was a surprising afternoon of outreach at Sunnybank today. One Chinese man that I was attempting to share the gospel with, couldn't speak much English at all, so I encouraged him to get someone else to translate for him the gospel tract that I gave him.

So after walking a few metres up the pedestrian overpass, he encountered some Mormon missionaries who he had obviously spoken with before. He asked them to translate the tract for him. One of the missionaries quickly grabbed the tract out of his hand and threw it over the edge of the railing.

We saw that these Mormon 'elders' had done that, so Col walked up to the Chinese man to give him another tract, which he gladly received. The Mormons then tried to convince the man to give back the tract. He was reluctant at first, but after their earnest pleadings, he gave the tract back to Col.

I then said to the Mormon missionaries, "Do you remember what Jesus said to the Pharisee's in Matthew 23 - you go across land and sea to make one convert and when you do you make him twice a son of Hell as yourselves."

I then said, "How bad will it be for you on the day of Judgement that you would prevent this man from coming to know the gospel." At this, one of the missionaries started swearing at us and was flaring up in anger. He said, "How can you say I'm going to Hell, you can't say that, only God knows that. You're going to Hell!"

We pointed out the hypocrisy in his statement there. He then angrily came right up very close to our faces, still swearing at us, and appeared as if he was going to throw a punch at us. He said, "I hope someone kicks you guys really hard."

Soon after, he walked away. You'll know them by their fruits. I think the Chinese man saw a difference today between Biblical Christianity and Mormonism.

There were also many open and receptive people whom we spoke with today, so please pray for them.

To God be the glory!

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