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Monday 31 August 2015

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At Capalaba yesterday afternoon, it started off very tough, the first six attempts made toward a conversation were quite angrily rejected. It started off as what looked like a long afternoon. So we stopped, sat down and committed it to the Lord in prayer.

Then came many conversations, whether or not the people accepted the Gospel many engaged and had a conversation, leading to some discussions which seemed very fruitful but we shall leave the results up to the Lord!

A young man (David) I talked to very quickly admitted to his sinfulness, he admitted that he was worried about eternity but didn't really know what to do. The conversation though it was brief ended in him asking for details of a local church and asking for a bible!

Lloyd another man also very quickly submitted to the judgement of God and said that he knew he deserved punishment for his actions and had resigned to spending eternity in Hell. For sadly he had never heard of Jesus Christ before! When he heard the message of Love and salvation he was very happy to consider Jesus and said he would definitely read his bible that night.

Emily whom a few of us talked to was raised as a mormon but at a relatively young age had left the church. After a decent length conversation explaining God, His attributes and other things she started to agree. She seemed to understand Christianity in a new light and we strongly encouraged her to consider eternity and that salvation was through the work of Jesus Christ alone, not our deeds.

A young guy and girl Sharna and Jamal have heard the Gospel many weeks, probably 4/5 times but they don't really care, they know the Gospel, they know their sinfulness but they are convinced they have so much time they don't need to consider it now.

I also talked to Katelin, a young girl who professed Christianity but believed that she deserved Heaven. After challenging her and explaining to her the Gospel she quickly decided that she didn't like what I was saying as much, if she had to consider that before God she wasn't good, that might have been a game changer. I encouraged her to read her bible that night before she went to sleep that she may know God and His Holiness and her own sinfulness before Him!

I talked to a young man Trent, who seemed genuinely excited about the Gospel, after being disappointed in his own sinfulness, he was very glad to hear that Jesus had offered forgiveness! After a relatively brief conversation he said he would have to read his bible tonight!

I also talked to Amber, who at face value I completely expected to brush me off as I had just talked to a man next to her but she had intently listened to our conversation and started asking questions of her own. She too was very aware of her sinfulness and its consequences but also quickly decided that she wanted the forgiveness of sins offered in Christ Jesus!

Please be praying for all of these men and women, may God continue to work in those whom he has started to work in and may he use the conversations yesterday as a starting point for all those who had never heard the Gospel.

For we know salvation is by the Grace of Christ alone!

Please keep us in prayer as we continue to share the Good News to those we encounter!

Soli Deo Gloria!



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